Home Insulation Customer Testimonial from Colin T. in West Haven, CT

I had recently bought a house and through the end of the summer I noticed the ceilings and tops of every exterior wall were very warm. This was bothersome, however, once fall rolled in I had put that thought behind me. As temperatures started to cool, I was using more heat than I wanted to, and on the first really cold day, I started to notice wet spots on the ceiling and tops of all the exterior walls of my house. This was concerning, and I had been losing sleep over what could possibly be causing this.

There are currently three people living in my house. When we all took showers consecutively, the ceiling would be nearly saturated with moisture. We were getting some mold spores on the ceiling. I had someone come out prior and mentioned to me it would be hard to set up a bathroom fan with the positioning of my bathroom, but we absolutely needed one. When I spoke with members of the Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut team, they mentioned that the moisture could be caused by condensation from a warm house going into a very cold attic and suggested that adding some insulation could be just the solution I needed. 

The team from Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut came in and installed insulation in my attic in January, a short while before a massive cold front came in. Ever since the insulation was installed, I noticed the heat running less and less, but I knew the impending cold front would be the real test. To my amazement, the heat still hardly kicked on even when the temperatures outside were hitting the negatives. Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut was also able to come in and put in a bathroom fan/light combo with no questions asked. Before the job, my heat would kick on and run for 20 or more minutes. Now the heat kicks on every few hours and for a much shorter amount of time. My ceilings and walls are never wet anymore, and my oil bill has been cut almost in half since the installation.

My experience with Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut was phenomenal. From Paul Zambrano in Sales, to Jony Fernandez and his production team, every team member made me feel comfortable and reassured in my investment. I have already recommended Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut to others and will continue to do so in the future. I want to personally thank them for making my new house feel more like a home – I truly feel that they went above and beyond for me.

- Colin T. of West Haven, CT
Tuesday, March 26th
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