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Mr. Janesky, Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting with James Gonzales for the purpose of conducting an energy evaluation for my Cape Code home in Simsbury which I purchased in 2007. Although very skeptical, I asked what, if anything, could be done with the second floor. During the summer months, it was unbearable! The ductless air conditioning unit on the first floor did nothing to help alleviate the heat in the upstairs bedrooms, and installing a window A/C unit in the bedrooms did little in the way of cooling except for increasing my electric bill. During the winter months, the thermostats would constantly call for heat yet the bedrooms remained incredibly chilly. In 2010, courtesy of a State-run program, I had blown-in insulation added to the attic area, as well as the outside, previously uninsulated, walls. Confident my problem was solved, I quickly realized such wasn’t the case. When I met with James, he was very thorough in explaining what the problem was, especially with Cape Code homes, and took a number of photos to document the problem areas. He explained that the existing blown-in insulation wasn’t nearly enough and how that was only part of the problem. As I watched him carefully cover every inch of the upstairs area, I began to wonder just what this was going to cost me. To this day, I will not forget what James told me: “You’re going to spend the money anyways; wouldn’t you rather get the problem fixed so down the road, you’re actually saving money?” Still skeptical, I felt as if I was out of options and decided to move forward. Fast forward through the hot summer months of 2015 and through a month or two of winter, and I will be the first to tell you that I am a believer! After the work was completed in a few days, I was actually able to enjoy the upstairs area for the very first time. One 5,000 BTU window a/c unit kept the entire upstairs area extremely comfortable day and night. My laundry room, located through the master bedroom, previously had a door that needed to be to be kept closed to keep the heat out during the summer and the cold out during the winter. Because that is now “conditioned space”, I was able to remove the door entirely. When the temperature finally dropped, to my pleasant surprise, the heat stayed put. I don’t like my home very warm and prefer it a comfortable 62 to 65 degrees. Regardless, the thermostats hardly, if ever, call for heat. In fact, by now I would have already refilled my oil tank. Best of all, my electric bills have decreased substantially! In all the years I have owned the house, never have my electric bills been under $100 a month. Understandably, I am very pleased with the outcome but was also very pleased with the process from start to finish. Not only was James very informative, he stayed with the project from start to finish. He even rolled up his sleeves and joined the crew at one point! The work crew was also awesome. Not only were they very professional, they also took great care throughout the process and went above and beyond what I expected. Once they left, you would have never known they were there. They clearly take pride in their work and are a great reflection on the company. I have already shared my experience with others in hopes they too will reach out to Dr. Energy Saver; however, once I am ready to make other upgrades, there is no doubt I will first reach out to James. Kind regards, Terri Chapman
Terri C. of Simsbury, CT
Monday, January 25th
All the guys at Dr. Energy Saver who installed the work in my Hartsdale home, especially Eric not only are professional but truly passionate about their job and company. I hired Dr. Energy saver because of their reputation and references I received. I will refer you to my friends and family 110%.
Anthoney B. of Hartsdale, NY
Thursday, March 1st
I had Dr. Energy Saver seal and insulate my garage ceiling in my Greenwich Home, to help stop drafts and make my family room floor warmer. Now we will be more comfortable spending time in our family room!
Berdie B. of Greenwich, CT
I like the way the representative that came out explained every thing! I enjoyed the way the estimate was written and the R values were given. The install crew who came out to my Greenwich home did an excellent job in my home.
Alex M. of Greenwich, CT
The Doctor that inspected my home was very thorough, knowledgeable and professional. This is the reason I hired Dr Energy Saver to air seal and insulate my the ceiling and exterior walls in our Darien home. The energy upgrades that Dr. Energy saver has done are making our home more comfortable and energy effiient.
Brian M. of Darien, CT
Thursday, December 22nd
We are Extremely happy with Dr Energy Saver and can not say enough about the install crew and how excellent they were. We had our crawl space insulated and air sealed to make it more comfortable and energy efficient.The salesman who came to our house were very knowledgeable. The reason we hired your company was because of the reviews we read and the financing options. We are so happy with the work! The install crew was Phenomenal. The best part of the whole experience. They are very thorough, friendly knowledgeable people. 
Chance M. of Danbury, CT
Dear Patty and Bruce (and others) ~ I can't say enough about the outstanding, fast, thorough service Dr. Energy Saver -CT provides. As a recovering energy waster, the basement and attic insulation during the continuing heat wave of July surely dripped the interior temperature by three or four degrees, while your incomprehensibly courteous crew members cheerfully went about their business while soaked to the skin with perspiration. After the project was done and paid for, a slight problem arose and Dr. Energy Saver came out the next day. Try to find a contractor who cares that much about his reputation. It would give me pride and pleasure to recommend Dr. Energy Saver to any who's contemplating a new home, or is a first-time buyer like me, upgrading an elderly residence. When cold weather finally arrives I'll be hard pressed to find a single draft in my entire house. Thank you again for your professionalism and dedicated customer service; they are genuinely appreciated. Sincerely, Diana H. Clark
Diana C. of Sharon, CT
Monday, October 18th
This place is as cozy as one could ask for a formerly seasonal home. Best to the Dr. Energy Saver family; you're saving me a bundle on keeping the house warm. You could say 2010-11 was its shakedown cruise, and it passed with flying colors. Thanks. Gratefully - Diana
Diana C. of Sharon, CT
Dr Energy Saver came out to my Brookfield home, they air sealed my attic and repaired and sealed my duct work. This work will help make our rooms less drafty and more comfortable while saving money on our heating bills!
Victor G. of Brookfield , CT
We hired Dr. Energy Saver CT because of the experiences we've already had with the Total Basement Finishing & Connecticut Basement Systems. I've already recommended friends and family.
Tom & Michele M. of Westport, CT
Wednesday, July 31st
I am Very satisfied with the work done by Dr. Energy Saver. Nice job done by the entire team from the estimators to the installers and the very first call to the company. I look forward to having Dr. Energy Saver back in my Newtown home in the spring of 2012.
Jim O. of Newtown , CT
The crew who came out to our Newtown home were polite and friendly. They did a great job! We Hired Dr Energy Saver because of their unique super attic and other clever solutions.
Duncan M. of Newtown, CT
Monday, February 20th
Dr. Energy Saver did an excellent job. They insulated and sealed my crawl space under an addition, this will make the addition in my Fairfield home more comfortable and save me money!!
Rosemary F. of Fairfield, CT
This was the best experience I've had with a contractor. I already notice a difference, the house is warmer.
Maggie O. of Fairfield, CT
Monday, February 10th
Our experience with Dr. energy Saver was excellent, from the first call to the finish of the work! The Office staff is excellent, very personable and helpful! The phone correspondence was positive and they reached out to me through out the entire job to make sure things were on track. The Doctor who came out to our Sandy Hook home for the initial evaluation was a very good listener and the presentation was impressive. He was very focused on my priorities, he offered his ideas and advice but did not push. We hired you to do our work because of your reputation and good products! The crew who did our work was very thorough when air sealing and insulating our garage and attic, the construction looks very solid. They did great work and walked me through each update they made. The crew also did a few extra things they did not have to do and the clean up was excellent and very much appreciated!
Adam G. of Sandy Hook, CT
Friday, January 20th
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