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Before and After Pictures from Greenwich
Insulation Transformation in Greenwich, CT

Insulation Transformation in Greenwich, CT

Before After
Insulation Transformation in Greenwich, CT Insulation Transformation in Greenwich, CT

This home in Greenwich, CT had old insulation that just wasn't doing the job. It was causing the owner's energy bills to rise, and their home was cold when it should've been warm! They gave us a call at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, and we were happy to come out, and see what we could do to solve the problem!

Our Home Comfort Specialist, Keith Saunders, surveyed the space, and quickly realized what needed to be done. He called on Dan Kiley, and he quickly came out to install new insulation in the home. After removing all of the old insulation, Dan and his comfort crew installed our closed cell spray foam. This two part foam has an high R-value per inch, seals of air infiltration, forms a moisture barrier, and absorbs sound. It works so well that it cut this family's energy bills in half!

If you're looking to solve your own home energy problems, give us a call at Dr. Energy Saver of Connect for your FREE energy evaluation!

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Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut Receives The 2016 Super Service Award from Angie's List
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Best Places to Work in Connecticut
For the 3rd time, Basement Systems (sister company to Dr. Energy Saver, also owned by Larry Janesky) has won the... [Read more]
Larry Janesky Named Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015
Lawrence Janesky, founder and CEO of Basement Systems Inc. and Dr. Energy Saver has been named an Entrepreneur of the... [Read more]
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Professional Home and Crawl Space Insulation in Greenwich, CT

I had Dr. Energy Saver seal and insulate my garage ceiling in my Greenwich home, to help stop drafts and...
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Reviews From Greenwich
Testimonials From Greenwich
I like the way the representative that came out explained everything! I enjoyed the way the estimate was written up and the R values were given.The install...
Testimonial by Alex M. from Greenwich, CT
Johnny Lopez, Johnny Fernandez and Rafael were excellent, neat, polite and personable!
Testimonial by Mimi K. from Greenwich, CT
Best home service provided we have ever dealt with!
Testimonial by Mimi K. from Greenwich, CT

Trusted Attic and Spray Foam Insulation in Greenwich, CT

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut is committed to customer service and is proud to serve our area. We have a certified team of technicians that are ready to help you find the best solution using quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you so that you can have the best results for your home!

During the winter, heat often escapes through the attic of a house and through the roof. This can cause your home to uncomfortably cold or hot, not to mention rack up a high energy bill. With our SuperAttic system, we can remedy your attic problems with a continuous air and insulation barrier with no thermal bridging to compromise energy performance. With this process, roof ventilation is maintained without allowing unwonted, exterior air in. 

The benefits of spray foam make it better equipped for insulating attics than rigid foam. Spray foam insulation can expand to seal in smaller holes and cracks which can leak out air; the process can, however, become a bit more messy than rigid insulation. Rigid insulation, though it is easier to cut to fit an area and has varying thicknesses, takes longer to install and because it cannot expand like spray foam, is really more suited for insulating basements and crawl spaces. 

Reliable Home and Crawl Space Insulation

Many homes suffer discomfort and can become too hot or too cold because air is not properly circulating through the house. A major part of this problem is that poor insulation causes air to leak through cracks into the attic and then through the roof. Once this happens, more air is drawn up from the basement or crawl space which allows cold air from the outside to circulate through the house, making it very uncomfortable to live in even if the furnace is working. This is known as the "stack effect." By properly insulating and air sealing your home, you can prevent this from happening and save more on your energy bill. 

The location of crawl spaces in the home, as earlier mentioned, make it a prime target for cold air to leak in through in the winter time. By insulating with our amazing SilverGlo rigid insulation, you can trap moisture and bugs out while keeping good air in, making your crawl space an energy-efficient part of your home instead of a problem area. 

Signs of crawl space insulation problems

  • The floor above the crawl space is unpleasantly cold in the wintertime
  • During cold weather, the furnace must work hard to keep rooms directly above the crawl space comfortable
  • Evidence of mice or other pests in fiberglass insulation between joists
  • Fiberglass batt insulation has fallen out of place from between floor joists
  • Moldy odor or mold is visible on framing
  • The crawl space is damp all the time

Ice Damming and Window/Door Insulation in Greenwich, CT

One thing that few homeowners are really aware of as a danger to their home is ice damming. This occurs when heat escapes from the attic and melts snow on the roof. As the snow melts, it slides down the roof to the gutter where it freezes again and overtime, this builds up to the point where water just sits on the roof, dammed up by the ice. This water then leaks back through the roof shingles into the house. This can be prevented, however, by installing energy-efficient insulation that will keep heat from escaping in the first place. 

Windows and doors are another area where air can leak out easily. Cracks and gaps along the edges of doors and windows can allow a significant amount of air to leak out; homes with window insulation this poor have the energy loss equivalent of having a window open all the time. Investing in replacing your windows means you get the expertise of our professional technicians to measure your windows with precision so that you can be sure that you won't have to worry about air leaks. 

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut has the tools and the expertise to provide a solution to all your home insulation and air sealing problems. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff want to work with you so that you can get great, long lasting results in your home. Call us today for a free estimate!


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Press Releases From Greenwich
Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut received an award at the Team Basement Systems International Convention for ranking in second place among the Top 10 Dr. Energy Saver Dealers.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Greenwich, CT
Air Sealing and Dense-Pack Cellulose in Greenwich, CT

This Greenwich, CT homeowner noticed uneven temperatures throughout his home, as well as an excess of moisture in his basement. Luckily, a friend of his had previously had their basement waterproofed by CT Basement Systems. He knew that the company had a division devoted to home comfort and energy efficiency and referred the homeowner to Dr Energy Saver of CT. 

Sales Representative Anthony Martingano traveled to the home to evaluate the situation. Ultimately, there seemed to be three main areas of concern. On the lower level, poorly insulated rim joists were allowing both air and moisture to enter the home’s basement. On the main level, a lack of insulation in the garage was leading to elevated temperatures in an adjacent bedroom as well as the living space above. Finally, inadequate insulation in the attic was compounding these problems and leading to uncomfortable temperatures throughout the home. This combination of heat and moisture left potential for mold growth and made energy efficiency impossible. Without proper air sealing and insulation, treated air from inside the home escapes outside, as outside air flows freely in.

On the initial day of production, Foreman David Hicks and his crew insulated the home’s rim joists and installed Dense-Pack Cellulose insulation in the garage. 

On the second day of production, Foreman Ken Hartsburg and his crew arrived to remove existing insulation from the attic and basement. They then air sealed these areas with Open Cell Spray Foam, which the homeowner chose because it acts as an air, moisture, and thermal barrier, ensuring excellent R-value. Because of the crews’ work, the homeowner was able to enjoy consistent temperatures and increased energy efficiency throughout his home. 

Work Requests From Greenwich, CT
Dearfield Drive in Greenwich
Would like a home energy consult and estimate.
Will Merry Lane in Greenwich
Uneven HVAC throughout the Home, cold air entering from can lights.
PATTERSON AVE in Greenwich
Poor heat and cooling balancing between different rooms in our 3500 sf home
Chapel St in Greenwich
Insulating crawl space and possibly basement ceiling
Cherry Valley Rd in Greenwich
785 sqft cottage inefficient? Electric costs extremely high. Heat pump is inadequate.
Indian Harbor Drive in Greenwich
Im looking to spray foam insulate my attic. Looking for some information and possible an inspection. Thanks
Greenwich Hills Dr in Greenwich
My attic needs insulation, and I want a price quote
North Water Street in Greenwich
I am a contractor just shopping prices for a 250 sq ft addition and kitchen. The homeowner would like spray foam insulation not blown in insulation. If you could send me an email with costs etc. it would be greatly appreciated.
Orchard St in Greenwich
My home is 60 years old and drafty.
Sachem Lane in Greenwich
Crawlspace under our kitchen needs to be cleaned out and insulated
East Elm Street in Greenwich
Need my attic insulated
Le Grande Avenue in Greenwich
I would like to spray foam the first floor of my house and would like an estimate. It measures 962 sq.ft and the walls are 9 ft high, total of 8,658 sq.ft. Thanks.
Cherry Hill Road in Greenwich
We had some leakage in our exterior walls and opened up the drywall and took out the fiberglass insulation. We have five empty cavities, 14" wide by 100" tall. One of them has no plywood (it all rotted) so the backing is just the foamboard behind the stucco. The others are plywood. Would Airkrete be a good option in this case?
Doubling Road in Greenwich
Frozen gutters
Calhoun Drive in Greenwich
Have opened up sheet rock and discovered uninsulated section of house. Pls contact me to resolve this. Thks
Pemberwick Rd in Greenwich
Looking for an estimate for insulation in the attic and Kitchen.
Patterson Ave in Greenwich
Looking for a very good cellouse insulation company for our attic.
Boulder Brook Road in Greenwich
Drafty windows
Jeffrey Rd. in Greenwich
Updating attic and basement insulation.
Carissa Ln in Greenwich
Ton of heat loss, big drafting problems. Attic has R19. Soffets are not big enough and covered by existing batt insulation