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Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut is Greenwich, CT's trusted home insulation and energy efficiency company, offering a variety of solutions to keep your home comfortable, healthy, and efficient. With more than a decade of experience in the industry, our experts have the know-how, experience, and tools to increase your home's energy efficiency and create a comfortable living space.

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Trusted Attic and Home Insulation in Greenwich, CT

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut is committed to customer service and is proud to serve our area. We have a certified team of technicians that are ready to help you find the best solution using quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you so that you can have the best results for your home!

During the winter, heat often escapes through the attic of a house and through the roof. This can cause your home to uncomfortably cold or hot, not to mention rack up a high energy bill. With our SuperAttic system, we can remedy your attic problems with a continuous air and insulation barrier with no thermal bridging to compromise energy performance. With this process, roof ventilation is maintained without allowing unwonted, exterior air in. 

Reliable Home and Crawl Space Insulation

Many homes suffer discomfort and can become too hot or too cold because air is not properly circulating through the house. A major part of this problem is that poor insulation causes air to leak through cracks into the attic and then through the roof. Once this happens, more air is drawn up from the basement or crawl space which allows cold air from the outside to circulate through the house, making it very uncomfortable to live in even if the furnace is working. This is known as the "stack effect." By properly insulating and air sealing your home, you can prevent this from happening and save more on your energy bill. 

The location of crawl spaces in the home, as earlier mentioned, make it a prime target for cold air to leak in through in the winter time. By insulating with our amazing SilverGlo rigid insulation, you can trap moisture and bugs out while keeping good air in, making your crawl space an energy-efficient part of your home instead of a problem area. 

Signs of crawl space insulation problems

  • The floor above the crawl space is unpleasantly cold in the wintertime
  • During cold weather, the furnace must work hard to keep rooms directly above the crawl space comfortable
  • Evidence of mice or other pests in fiberglass insulation between joists
  • Fiberglass batt insulation has fallen out of place from between floor joists
  • Moldy odor or mold is visible on framing
  • The crawl space is damp all the time

Ice Damming in Greenwich, CT

One thing that few homeowners are really aware of as a danger to their home is ice damming. This occurs when heat escapes from the attic and melts snow on the roof. As the snow melts, it slides down the roof to the gutter where it freezes again and overtime, this builds up to the point where water just sits on the roof, dammed up by the ice. This water then leaks back through the roof shingles into the house. This can be prevented, however, by installing energy-efficient insulation that will keep heat from escaping in the first place. 

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut has the tools and the expertise to provide a solution to all your home insulation and air sealing problems. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff want to work with you so that you can get great, long lasting results in your home. Call us today for a free estimate!


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Insulation Transformation in Greenwich, CT

This home in Greenwich, CT had old insulation that just wasn't doing the job. It was causing the owner's energy bills to rise, and their home was cold when it should've been warm! They gave us a call at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, and we were happy to come out, and see what we could do to solve the problem!

Our Home Comfort Specialist, Keith Saunders, surveyed the space, and quickly realized what needed to be done. He called on Dan Kiley, and he came out to install new insulation in the home. After removing all of the old insulation, Dan and his comfort crew installed our closed cell spray foam. This two part foam has a high R-value per inch, seals any air leaks, forms a moisture barrier, and absorbs sound. It works so well that it cut this family's energy bills in half!

If you're looking to solve your own home energy problems, give us a call at Dr. Energy Saver of Connect for your FREE energy evaluation!


Dr. Energy Saver in Greenwich, CT

A homeowner in Greenwich, CT had existing insulation in their attic that was causing their home to be energy inefficient. They decided it was time to call us at Dr. Energy Saver of CT to help solve their problems. After scheduling an appointment, one of our Sales Consultants, Keith Saunders, went out to the home to assess the issues. 

Then it would be time for one of our Foremen, Rudy Abel, and his team to work on this project. They installed an insulated catwalk so that this attic can be used for storage and be easily accessible. Then the crew blew in TruSoft Cellulose insulation. This would act as a thermal barrier to the home, regulating the temperature properly. Now this home will be energy efficient and the customer can watch their energy bill decrease! 

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I like the way the representative that came out explained everything! I enjoyed the way the estimate was...
Testimonial by Alex M. from Greenwich, CT
The entire crew were upbeat, friendly and efficient.
Testimonial by Jim J. from Greenwich, CT
Johnny Lopez, Johnny Fernandez and Rafael were excellent, neat, polite and personable!
Testimonial by Mimi K. from Greenwich, CT
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Insulate attic to save energy cost and keep house cool / warm as needed
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Fiberglass insulation (20 yr old house) in attic w/gaps, crawl space not insulated.
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Attic insulation
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Looking to gain an estimate on getting our Attic insulated.
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My attic needs insulation
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Just want to perform an insulation efficiency of house.
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Interested to better insulate attic floor
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Need window replacements
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Interested in R49 in attic floor, R19 in walls, and R19 in garage ceiling. House currently being renovated so now is the best time to install new insulation. Have voucher mailing. Thank you.
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Poorly insulated attic that gets extremely hot in the summer / cold in the winter affecting temp in rest of the house
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Need to improve the insulation in the house. Would like a quote in areas where we're lacking protection.
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I would like to explore my options to better insulate my house. THanks, Jurie
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Drafts around doors
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Lack of temperature consistency, mainly in rooms upstairs. A few rooms get very cold in winter and very hot in summer. Attic is not insulated.
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Blown in wall insulation
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Cold master bedroom.
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Want blow in insulation over existing insulation.
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
I would like attic insulation estimate
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
Our heating and cooling bills are higher than we would expect, and we live in an older, poorly insulated house. We are interested in an energy audit and potentially insulating our house and other related tasks to make the house more energy efficient.
Project Location: Greenwich, CT
I would like to get an estimate on my houses insulation to save energy and get the leaks filled
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