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I had Dr, Energy Saver up-grade my homes insulation the first week of Feb. 2016.  Rudy Abel and his crew (Ozzy, Chris, Dave, Dwight) did a fantastic job.  I was amazed how they were able to crawl through the smallest areas to install the new insulation.  They answered all of my questions; kept the work area clean and always vacuumed up any debris after everyday they worked. I am also noticing a reduced oil bill this month due to minimal heat loss.  I only wished that I had Dr. Energy do this up-grade years earlier.  Kudos to Rudy and his professional crew.  
Joe K. of New Fairfield, CT
Tuesday, March 22nd
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Hi Chris,   This morning I decided to go up into the attics to see what the temperature was like up there now.  I’d been in the attic over the bedrooms numerous times before and frankly it was never that cold up there that I couldn’t go up without a coat.  Only recently was I ever in the attic over the parlor / dining room.  And it was colder there, but the amount of melting off that roof told me that it was not cold enough.   So today when I went up it was 25 degrees out.  Not as cold as it has been, but cold none the less.     I can tell you it was much colder up there than I’ve ever felt before…..  So I’m pleased that we made the decision to do this…   I also want to take this opportunity to tell you how very happy I was with the guys on the crew.  Monday and Wednesday it was Johnny, Clive and DJ and on Tuesday they bought a 2nd crew with them.  Ralph, Moses and Mark.  They were just the nicest, most polite and hardest working group of guys I’ve ever had the pleasure to have in our home.  I can’t find enough words to describe how great they were.  Please make sure that they know just how happy we were to have them in our home.  As a home owner, you have to know going in that this kind of work is going to be disruptive, noisy and very messy.  And it was... but the guys did a great job sheltering the home from the dust and dirt.  Every day they spent an extraordinary amount of time cleaning up before they left.  You’d never know that they’d been here.  Even during the 2nd day when it started to snow in the evening, they did a super job of keeping everything as orderly, neat and clean as anyone could have…   And not to forget you.  The time you spent at our home going over everything that you saw that needed remediation and the extra time you spent with my wife and I is what got you the job.  No other company showed the interest and concern you had to make our home a better place.   Bob
Bob P. of Southbury, CT
Thursday, March 5th
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Dear Mr. Janesky, I would like to bring to your attention the excellent job that your two employees, Johnny Lopez and Rafael Quechotl, did at our home on May 24th.  They were both knowledgeable and professional and went way beyond expectations in all phases of the hob. Most importantly, they were extremely meticulous in cleaning up after a very messy (mouse infested) insulation removal project.  You are very fortunate to have them as a part of your team. Thank you.  
Drew T. of Roxbury, CT
Tuesday, June 13th
Your staff, John Lopez and Rafael, did a great job! They were especially considerate of me in answering my questions, and showing me how the insulation work is done. Because of my visual problem, they made sure I wouldn't trip or stumble over something I couldn't quite see. Also, their cleanup was fantastic! My yard looked cleaner than when they started! Once again, I want you to know you should be very proud of your staff!
Barbara O. of Niantic, CT
Thursday, October 27th
I could not have been more pleased than to have the 3 individuals that were assigned to our home project…..Jony Fernandez, Christian Fernandez and Hector Jurado.  It is very clear why Jony is in the positon of foreman with your company.  He exudes leadership, confidence and competence while on the job. His knowledge base and ability to educate a homeowner with outstanding questions that were not asked upon the sales visit were very comprehensive.  I was pleasantly surprised that they simply just worked all day into the evening determined to complete the job in one day.  I was quite impressed that there was hardly any chat among them, no music playing, just work. It showed their drive to do the job at best and finish without having to return (I was told…a 2 day job).  Hoping nothing was compromised because of this, but am confident having got to know Jony’s character that he fulfilled the requirements of the job in its entirety. I am not even certain they took time for lunch!  I actually told Jony he should be a salesperson, due to his personality, professionalism and most of all knowledge that he can truly speak to the hands on work while “selling a job”.   Please make certain this goes in all of their HR files, in addition please let them know a homeowner took time to compliment them and I ask that you, their superiors, verbally recognize them.
Sara L. of Rocky Hill, CT
Tuesday, September 29th
You guys did an awesome job and were respectful, curteous, and hard working. The experience was overall excellent. I picked you because of your quality and reputation and I was not let down! Great job guys keep it up.
Beverly B. of Wethersfield, CT
Wednesday, March 16th
The salesman was great and explained everything we knew as needed. The installation crew worked non stop and were very organized. They worked awesome as a team and they definitely knew to products so great great great! The reason I went with your guys was because of your reputation and quality and you delivered exactly what I expected. I would definitely recommend you!
Robert E. of Manchester, CT
Wednesday, March 16th
This is the second time we've used Dr. Energy Saver ( first time was February 2013) and again we are very pleased with the work. The team I dealt with was the same as three years ago which says a lot and assured me that the job would be done well. Like the last job, Johnny and his work crew were very efficient and pleasent to deal with. Johnny explained all the work in detail and he and the crew left the work area looking as though they'd never been there. I recomment Dr. Energy Saver without qualification. Thank you!
Rick S. of Connecticut, CT
Monday, March 14th
Dr Energy Saver was able to address our New Rochelle home's needs from basement to attic. The attic looks great, and the basement is dry! The work Dr Energy Saver does is superior to others!
Richard M. of New Rochelle, NY
Sunday, February 12th
Hi Roxanne, I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding job! Johnny and Rudy did a fantastic job just as you had promised. Please ensure you send Johnny back out to my home when you come back. I really enjoyed working with him. He is neat, detail oriented and a real perfectionist! The execution of the work was top shelf, and I appreciated the way you returned all my calls in a timely manor! I cant give you enough credit. I appreciate all you have done.
Lee S. of Ardsley, NY
Thursday, June 22nd
All the guys at Dr. Energy Saver who installed the work in my Hartsdale home, especially Eric not only are professional but truly passionate about their job and company. I hired Dr. Energy saver because of their reputation and references I received. I will refer you to my friends and family 110%.
Anthoney B. of Hartsdale, NY
Thursday, March 1st
The doctor who preformed my energy evaluation was great. He was able to show me exactly what energy upgrades and repairs my home was in need of. The installation crew who installed my attic insulation and home air sealing were excellent and showed great care for my home.
Jason M. of Briarcliff Manor, NY
Wednesday, October 26th
I had Dr. Energy Saver seal and insulate my garage ceiling in my Greenwich Home, to help stop drafts and make my family room floor warmer. Now we will be more comfortable spending time in our family room!
Berdie B. of Greenwich, CT
I like the way the representative that came out explained every thing! I enjoyed the way the estimate was written and the R values were given. The install crew who came out to my Greenwich home did an excellent job in my home.
Alex M. of Greenwich, CT
Johnny Lopez, Johnny Fernandez and Rafael were excellent, neat, polite and personable! 
Mimi K. of Greenwich, CT
Tuesday, October 24th
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