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Expert Attic and Home Insulation in Norwalk, CT

At Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut we put customer service first and are proud to serve our area. Our team of trained technicians uses only high-quality materials from the best manufacturers in the business to ensure that you get only the best results. Let us put our expertise to work for you to find the best solution for all your home insulation and air sealing needs.

It is a fact that most homes have energy problems because of an insulation problem in their attic. When there is an inadequate amount of insulation in an attic, heat can seep out of it in the wintertime which can make for a very uncomfortable living environment. By installing our SuperAttic system, you can get an affordable upgrade for your attic that will be sure to keep heat inside your home in the wintertime and cool air in during the summer. 

Excellent Home and Crawl Space Insulation 

Heat can leak out of your home in various ways, but the most common is through cracks in the floors and ceilings. From there, air can leak out of an insufficiently insulated attic and outside. This is called the "stack effect" and as warm air rises, leaving your home, your poor insulation and small air leaks are costing you a fortune in energy bills. With our home insulation techniques, we can pinpoint which areas of your home are leaking air and fix them. 

Because of their location in the home, crawl spaces are often the main culprit to cold air leaking into your home in the wintertime - but it's not their fault! Crawl spaces frequently are poorly insulated and tolerate small cracks that leak air into the rooms above them. By insulating your crawl space, you can cut down on energy costs and make you home a more comfortable place. 

Signs of crawl space insulation problems

  • The floor above the crawl space is unpleasantly cold in the wintertime
  • During cold weather, the furnace must work hard to keep rooms directly above the crawl space comfortable
  • Evidence of mice or other pests in fiberglass insulation between joists
  • Fiberglass batt insulation has fallen out of place from between floor joists
  • Moldy odor or mold is visible on framing
  • The crawl space is damp all the time

Exceptional Ice Damming and Window/Door Insulation

One of the little-known dangers of heat leaking out through the roof of your home's attic is ice damming. When heat escapes your attic through the roof in the wintertime, it melts the snow on your roof, causing the water to go down into the gutter and freeze. When this happens repeatedly, it comes to a point when the water is still on the roof and therefore doesn't melt and becomes dammed up by the ice in the gutter. This water then leaks back into the house through the roof causing all sorts of other problems. The way to prevent ice damming is by properly insulating and air sealing your attic so that heat doesn't escape in the first place. 

Windows and doors can be a huge cause of energy leakage in your home, costing you more money than is necessary to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. By investing in replacing your doors and windows, you get our expert technicians who measure your windows and doors to make sure that everything we install is a perfect fit, eliminating gaps and cracks that leak out air. 

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut has the tools and the expert precision to get the job done right the first way. We understand the struggle of paying too much for energy bills and still not feeling comfortable in your home which is why we are committed to customer service - we want to find a solution that will work best for you! Call us today for a free estimate!


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Before and After Pictures from Norwalk

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Before, this Norwalk basement had cold, porous walls that let in lots of air and moisture. These walls were an eyesore and made the basement uncomfortable. Wanting a solution for their damp and chilly basement, the homeowner decided to contact Dr. Energy Saver of CT!

After, Dr. Energy Saver of CT was able to solve all of this homeowner’s concerns by using our patented products. BrightWall panels were installed on the walls of the basement to prevent water vapor and moisture entry. This product is both practical and beautiful. The BrightWall panels made the area look and feel more welcoming. This is exactly what the homeowner wanted and they were thrilled with the transformation and results. In the end, our customer was very happy that she contacted the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT!

Case Studies From Norwalk

CleanSpace Encapsulation in Norwalk, CT


This Norwalk crawlspace was cold and let in a lot of moisture which caused for an uncomfortable home. She noticed that she was spending a lot on her...

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Rim Joist Insulation in Norwalk, CT

This Norwalk homeowner noticed that her basement was cold and drafty, causing the main floors of her home to become uncomfortable. Wanting her home to run efficiently, she called the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT to help find her a solution.

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Don Godbout arrived at the home to inspect the basement. He concluded that the basement was under insulated which was the cause of the drafty area. When an area is under-insulated, air and moisture is able to move freely in and out. This air leakage not only makes the home less energy efficient, but it also causes a higher electric bill. After explaining the problems, Don proposed a solution by installing insulation and air sealing the basement to prevent air leakage. This is exactly what the homeowner had wanted and decided to move forward with the project. 

On the day of production, Rudy Abel and his team installed BrightWall to the walls of the basement and air sealed the rim joist with Spray Foam. First, the rim joists of the basement were insulated with spray foam. The spray foam will prevent any air from leaking out of the basement, ensuring that the heated air you pay for stays in your home! The BrightWall panels are great to brighten any basement and the product is also strong and durable, not maintenance require. The homeowner was very pleased with the transformation and quickly noticed a difference for the better!

SilverGlo and Clean Space Encapsulation in Norwalk, CT

This Milford basement was completely under-insulated which was causing the entire home to become energy deficient. The homeowner was tired of paying for a high utility bill when the air she was paying for was literally going out the window. She wanted to put an end to this problem and decided to call Dr. Energy Saver of CT for a free home evaluation. 

On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Keith Saunders arrived at the home to give a free inspection. He concluded that the home would need to be properly insulated with SilverGlo and Spray Foam. This will solve the air leakage problem by keeping the air that you pay for in the basement at all times by sealing all cracks and holes. CleanSpace Encapsulation was also recommended to prevent any air moisture from seeping through the basement. Lastly, a SaniDry Sedona will keep humidity low which will prevent mold growth. The homeowner agreed that this would be the best solution for her basement concerns and scheduled for a production day.

On the day of production, Johnny Lopez and his team installed all the products proficiently and efficiently. The entire basement was transformed and now the homeowner can enjoy a comfortable and energy efficient home all year around.  

Want your home to be more energy efficient? Give us a call at 1-855-201-5406

Work Requests From Norwalk, CT
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I have few rooms that are always cold. Specially some of the bedrooms.
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Air sealing and wall insulation
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Insulation AC
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Gets too cold in one of the rooms on the winter
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Garage is drafty and under a bedroom. Would like to see what we can do to remedy that. Also have a 3 season room we would like to be 4 seasons.
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Need to fill in gaps between the house and foundation to remove warm air moving out attracting rodents
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Want to see about spray foam in the attic and its cost.
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A 2012 addition to the home by previous owners did not insulate flooring. One room from older portion of house lacks insulated floor. Both rooms have some crawl space underneath. Want to properly insulate and discuss options
Project Location: Norwalk, CT
Considering spray foam insulation in crawl space and other energy saving insulation measures.
Project Location: Norwalk, CT
New old house, extremely drafty and ripping through oil. No idea, where to start or how bad it is.
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