Case Studies

Crawl Space Insulation Case Studies: CleanSpace Encapsulation in Norwalk, CT

Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 by Sara Figueroa


This Norwalk crawlspace was cold and let in a lot of moisture which caused for an uncomfortable home. She noticed that she was spending a lot on her utility bills and wanted a solution to properly insulate her crawlspace. She decided to give Dr. Energy Saver of CT a call to set an appointment for a free in-home evaluation.


On the day of the appointment, Keith Saunders arrived at the home. He inspected the crawlspace noticing many flaws that would create an uncomfortable home. Keith noticed that the entire crawlspace was completely under-insulated which would allow the cool/heated air you pay for to leak out of the space. Another problem he noticed was that moisture was entering the crawlspace from the walls and floors which was promoting mold growth and a musty odor. Once the inspection was done, Keith and the homeowner discussed a solution that would best fit her crawlspace. With a plan set, she was ready to move forward with the insulation process.

Johnny Lopez and his production team arrived at the house ready to install a CleanSpace Encapsulation, Drainage Matting, TerraBlock, SilverGlo and a SaniDry Sedona. All of these products will work together to ensure an energy efficient home. 

First, Johnny and his team removed the existing insulation that was in the crawlspace to have a fresh start. The drainage matts were then installed to the floors of the crawlspace and TerraBlock insulation was placed on top. TerraBlock insulation will eliminate a major source of energy loss which will improve the overall home energy performance. Next, SilverGlo was installed on the walls which will reflect summer heat out and winter heat back in, ensuring that the homeowner is not over paying to cool or heat her home. 

To finalize the crawlspace, a CleanSpace liner was placed to prevent any air or moisture from entering the crawlspace. Lastly, a SaniDry Sedona Dehumidifier was placed to control humidity, which will prevent mold growth and eliminate that musty odor.

The entire crawlspace was transformed the homeowner could not be any happier. She feels that her home’s efficiency has improved and that her crawlspace is healthier. Her concern of paying too much for utility bills, moisture, and drafts caused by her crawlspace was resolved! 

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