Home Insulation Customer Testimonial from Sara L. in Rocky Hill, CT

I could not have been more pleased than to have the 3 individuals that were assigned to our home project…..Jony Fernandez, Christian Fernandez and Hector Jurado.  It is very clear why Jony is in the positon of foreman with your company.  He exudes leadership, confidence and competence while on the job. His knowledge base and ability to educate a homeowner with outstanding questions that were not asked upon the sales visit were very comprehensive.  I was pleasantly surprised that they simply just worked all day into the evening determined to complete the job in one day.  I was quite impressed that there was hardly any chat among them, no music playing, just work. It showed their drive to do the job at best and finish without having to return (I was told…a 2 day job).  Hoping nothing was compromised because of this, but am confident having got to know Jony’s character that he fulfilled the requirements of the job in its entirety. I am not even certain they took time for lunch!  I actually told Jony he should be a salesperson, due to his personality, professionalism and most of all knowledge that he can truly speak to the hands on work while “selling a job”.  

Please make certain this goes in all of their HR files, in addition please let them know a homeowner took time to compliment them and I ask that you, their superiors, verbally recognize them.

- Sara L. of Rocky Hill, CT
Tuesday, September 29th

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