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House Fan Cover in Ellington, CT

When we arrived in this home, we found that air was escaping from the attic. This reduces energy efficiency, making the home drafty and uncomfortable. It was assumed the previous homeowners decided they no longer needed to use the whole house fan, so they had it "closed off" and insulated... whover completed this request did a poor job! The new owners did not want to completely negate the possibility of using of the fan, so they communicated with our home energy specialist who proposed an easy, yet effective answer to the problem. To repair this, we had to first remove the existing insulation from the dusty fan. Next, we created an insulated, airtight box around the house fan using our SilverGlo insulation and polyurethane expanding foam. Once the cover is placed on the box, air will nolonger be able to escape from the attic and the homeowners have the option of uncovering it for use at a later date. Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut was able to provide a safer, more effective, and versatile solution to a tough problem!

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