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Spray Foam Cantilever Bay in Ellington, CT

This Ellington, CT home had a cantilever floor, which sticks out past the wall below it. Oftentimes when a home like this is constructed, the underside of the upper level floor is exposed to exterior temperatures, radiating uncomfortable temperatures into the home. The existing fiberglass insulation was a cheap fix to the problem because they did nothing to seal off the thermal bridge and had several air gaps allowing conditioned air out of the house. To repair this and insulate the house, we first removed the soffit boards. A silverGlo rigid foam insualtion block is installed in the bay to stop the thermal bridge between the second level floor and the exposed exterior wall. Next, polyurethane foam is sprayed around the block and the area above it. This ensures an airtight seal that's waterproof and will last for years to come! The results are increased comfort, less drafts, and lower energy costs!

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