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Chris J.'s house in Watertown, CT had serious comfort problems. The second floor was extremely hot during the summer and freezing cold in the winter. His daughter's room above the garage was one of the most uncomfortable areas in the house. Chris called several home insulation contractors to come and inspect the property to hopefully find a solution.  Most of the proposals presented by these companies didn't include any improvements that would address the bitter cold drafts coming into the house from the east side. Chris then called Dr. Energy Saver who sent a certified energy conservation specialist to take a look at the problem. After a full assessment of the property, Dr. Energy Saver was the only company that presented a feasible solution for every comfort problem Chris and his family were experiencing. It was the only company to include professional air sealing as a way to stop the cold drafts that were causing so much discomfort.Chris is very pleased with the entire experience, from the sales visit all the way through to the installation process. Just hours after the project was finished, they were able to feel the difference in terms of improved comfort.
Chris J. of Watertown, CT
Monday, November 24th
 Mark and Roberta had plans to utilize their attic as additional living space. Yet, as it happens with unconditioned attics, theirs was scorching hot during the summer and freezing cold during the winter. Attic temperatures were not only making it unusable but were impacting the overall temperatures and comfort throughout the house. There were also air leakages and moisture from the living areas being carried into the attic. The Litchfield, CT couple called several home insulation contractors to see what could be done to solve the problem, but the solutions proposed by these companies didn't make any sense for them. So the attic remained closed and unusable. One day Mark saw one of Dr. Energy Saver's On the Job videos about attic insulation, and it seemed to him that he had finally found a solution for his attic.  He then called Dr. Energy Saver for a free estimate. After a thorough inspection of the entire property and the attic, the certified energy consultation specialist presented the couple with several options to solve their comfort problems and accomplish the goals they have set for the attic. The couple chose to fully condition the attic by having the SuperAttic system installed. The SuperAttic System allowed them to extend the thermal boundaries of the house and include the entire attic space into the building envelope, adding 1200 sq.ft. of comfortable living space to their home.
Mark & Roberta B. of Litchfield, CT
Monday, November 24th
This happy customer used our services twice. First it was our waterproofing division to fix the basement. Then our Dr. Energy Saver Division helped make her home more comfortable and energy efficient. The insulation that was done made those areas sound proof!!! "They've been wonderful, picking up everything, house is tight as a drum now. Basement? No water! Fantastic because I used to get a couple of inches of water every spring."
Cindy of Colebrook, CT
Wednesday, October 14th
Sabatino F. from Bloomfield, CT had a very uncomfortable home. He was spending quite a lot in heating, but the house was still cold. That is when he decided to call Dr. Energy Saver of CT. In this video he talks about the experience with the compaany and staff, and about how satisfied he is with the results. "Now with the work done, it kind of give me the peace of mind that my bills are gonna be lower, house is easy to maintain now and stays warm", says Sabatino.
Sabatino F. of Bloomfield, CT
Friday, April 6th
Dr Energy Saver was able to address our New Rochelle home's needs from basement to attic. The attic looks great, and the basement is dry! The work Dr Energy Saver does is superior to others!
Richard M. of New Rochelle, NY
Sunday, February 12th
Hi Roxanne, I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding job! Johnny and Rudy did a fantastic job just as you had promised. Please ensure you send Johnny back out to my home when you come back. I really enjoyed working with him. He is neat, detail oriented and a real perfectionist! The execution of the work was top shelf, and I appreciated the way you returned all my calls in a timely manor! I cant give you enough credit. I appreciate all you have done.
Lee S. of Ardsley, NY
Thursday, June 22nd
The doctor who preformed my energy evaluation was great. He was able to show me exactly what energy upgrades and repairs my home was in need of. The installation crew who installed my attic insulation and home air sealing were excellent and showed great care for my home.
Jason M. of Briarcliff Manor, NY
Wednesday, October 26th
Just wanted to follow up and let you know that we’re definitely seeing benefits from the attic insulation. Our playroom had previously been near impossible to keep at a reasonable temperature on hot days (actual temp would be 3-6 degrees warmer than thermostat setting). Now it is right in line with the thermostat. Too early to see exactly what the impact on energy bills will be over a full cycle, but the space is definitely more comfortable in the summer. Thanks. 
Chris D. of Cos Cob, CT
Thursday, May 31st
Rudy and his partner did an unbelievable job in my attic. They were such hard workers, and neither my brother nor myself could believe how well the finished product was insulated at the end. I went up to the attic to see what they did. It was very impressive. I'm sure even the sealed hatch will add to the condo being more comfortable both in the summer and winter.
Debbie B. of Stamford, CT
Monday, June 10th
Johny, Christian and Hector were the BEST! We appreciate the competent workers and team of Dr. Energy Saver of CT. 
James C. of Stamford, CT
Friday, September 13th
Jeff the contractor " I opened up my clients house and the guys over at DR. Energy Saver did a phenomenal job, Ken called me every step of the way. The rep kept in communication every step of the way. I couldn't be happier with the guys they are really 1st rate and the guys did a GREAT job. Super job on all quarters. I happen to find you guys out of the blue and I do not regret it, you did a tremendous job and I will let all of my friends and family know about how well you work.
Jeff L. of Darien, CT
Wednesday, March 16th
You guys did a bunch of insulation work in our house in Darien over the summer. I just wanted to tell you how fantastic it has turned out for us.   I noticed it in the summer with the AC being able to run quite a bit less, but it's really noticeable right now. The house is actually warm, the floors are warm, and my basement that doesn't actually have any heat in it is totally usable.  You've made my 98 year old house absolutely wonderful and I can't thank you enough for that. But seriously, thank you thank you thank you!
Mike L. of Darien, CT
Monday, February 4th
Dr. Energy Saver dis a great job insulating my Ridgefield home. We had a huge opening in the walls all along the front of the house that was hidden under a big 4 foot wide soffit.  They identified it with their blower door test and when they did the work, we saw how big of a continuous hole in the wall we had up there - no wonder the rooms were drafty and cold. I will recommend them to my family and friends.
Aprille S. of Ridgefield, CT
Friday, November 11th
We had multiple attics sprayed with insulation (we have hydro-air heat with blowers in each attic) ... I keep close track of oil consumption (normalized to degree days), and it is clear that this work resulted in 30% reduction in oil consumption ... I recommend [Dr. Energy Saver of CT] without reservation.
Rick L. of Ridgefield, CT
Wednesday, June 13th
Dr Energy Saver came Highly reccomended to me from my neighbors, who had prior quality work done in their Fairfield homes. The representative that came out to meet with me was great! The crew who came to our home to air seal and insulate our garage, attic and cantilever did great work!
Shawn L. of Fairfield, CT
Sunday, February 12th
I wanted to say thank you for all your help. I was a little hesitant but there’s a big, big, big difference in the house with the cold weather. We haven’t even turned the heat on yet. We probably burned probably 50-75% less wood than the same time last year. There’s a big difference, I never thought it was that big!    
Steve M. of Fairfield, CT
Thursday, November 21st
I had Dr, Energy Saver up-grade my homes insulation the first week of Feb. 2016.  Rudy Abel and his crew (Ozzy, Chris, Dave, Dwight) did a fantastic job.  I was amazed how they were able to crawl through the smallest areas to install the new insulation.  They answered all of my questions; kept the work area clean and always vacuumed up any debris after everyday they worked. I am also noticing a reduced oil bill this month due to minimal heat loss.  I only wished that I had Dr. Energy do this up-grade years earlier.  Kudos to Rudy and his professional crew.  
Joe K. of New Fairfield, CT
Tuesday, March 22nd
Dr Energy Saver did an excellent job. The work was done quick and the price was great! Johnny and his crew were respectful and worked quickly while insulating the attic in my Newtown home while explaining everything to me.
Kevin O. of Newtown, CT
Thursday, January 12th
I am very satisfied with the energy upgrade work performed by Dr. Energy Saver! Tom was a true professional and knowledgeable as a doctor should be! I found out about Dr. Energy Saver on an internet search. They know how to do a job correctly and cleanly!
John D. of Sherman, CT
Friday, September 23rd
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