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Home Insulation Photo Album: Dense Packed Cellulose Insulation in Fairfield, CT

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These Fairfield, CT homeowners called Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut when they began to realize the home they moved into in the spring, could not handle the summer heat! They were beginning to feel increasingly uncomfortable in the hot and humid second floor and felt like they were already spending way too much on air conditioning. One of our trusted Home Energy Experts visited the home in order to check out what might be causing their discomfort. Upon arrival and closer examination, he realized the home’s attic was incredibly under insulated and the soffit was insulated improperly with fiberglass batts insulation.

The homeowners agreed to have their soffit insulated with densely packed TruSoft Cellulose insulation. We sent out our crew of workers lead by foreman Rudy Abel to complete the project. They first removed the shingles and ridge vent at the top of the roofline in order to access the cavity. As you can see in the before photo, there were significant gaps in the insulation and there is no doubt this was a massive culprit of their discomfort. The works installed the TruSoft Cellulose through a pressurized hose in order to pump as much insulation into the roof cavity as possible. Afterwards, they reinstalled the ridge vent and shingles and now the roof looks good as new!

They also had their walls packed with cellulose insulation which was done by removing shingles and drilling holes into the plywood in order to access the wall cavities. They then pumped TruSoft Cellulose through the hose again in order to properly insulate the home's exterior walls.

Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut left this family feeling much more comfortable in their home after this visit and we are proud to have done more work for these homeowners in the years since!

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