Work Requests in Danbury

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Danbury. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut's recent work requests in Danbury and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Connecticut's recent work requests in Danbury, CT
Vicinity of Roundhill Drive in Danbury
Ice Dam prevention
Vicinity of Chambers Rd. in Danbury
My attic is like the one shown in your super attic video. It has an air handler and exposed heat/ac ducts. The eaves are also rather large. The combination of these conditions cause substantial ice dams. I'm looking for a solution.
Vicinity of Triangle Street in Danbury
Spray foam under side of warehouse floor. approx. 12,000 sq ft
Vicinity of Acre Dr in Danbury
Two car garage needs to get insulated
Vicinity of Brinscall Court in Danbury
Interested in insulating my garage ceiling. Thanks
Vicinity of Triangle St in Danbury
I would like an estimate on blow insulation
Vicinity of Ward Drive in Danbury
I have a cape with a full shed dormer on the back. The upstars is all finished living space. 1) I need the 2nd floor kneewall space properly insulated including blocking airflow under the floor to the living space. 2) I want the peak attick space insulated while keeping the ability to use the whole house fan (rigid or foam?) 3) I want an evaluation of the existing wall insulation in the remainder of the house.
Vicinity of Old Ridgebury Road in Danbury
I would like a price quote to install approximately 900 sq ft of Roxul insulation in the basement ceiling.
Vicinity of Tarrywile Lake Road in Danbury
New homeowners and looking for ways to lower our carbon footprint and save money.
Vicinity of Mountainville Rd in Danbury
I just had my attic insulated with fiberglass blow in. The guy told me that cellulose would be too heavy and might collapse my ceiling. But my gut is telling me that I should have not listened to him and watching your videos were very informative. I would like to get my attic redone with cellulose if you think it will make a difference. Also would like to soundproof the ceiling in a couple of rooms downstairs which already has batts in them. Is that possible? Andi would your opinion on how efficient my furnace is.
Vicinity of Valerie Lane in Danbury
I have a 1 level L shaped home that need spray foam in the attic and 2-3 walls.
Vicinity of Beaver Brook Road in Danbury
I would like a quote on spray foam insulation for my attic.
Vicinity of North Nabby Road in Danbury
1. Inconsistent room temperatures 2. High electric bills 3. Dry air 4. Windows/door needs better insulation
Vicinity of Acre Dr in Danbury
2 rooms over basement cold looking to see if insulating will help, estimate on insulating
Vicinity of Maplecrest Drive in Danbury
I have a house that was built in 1960 and has no insulation in the walls. We have two additions that are insulated but parts of the house that have nothing. We are interested in exploring our options. Please contact me at your convenience. Thanks, Jon
Vicinity of Acre Drive in Danbury
Have been told I need a new boiler due to crack in heat exchanger. I am in looking for several idea/comparisons before I make my decision on how to proceed.
Vicinity of Mallory Street in Danbury
Need blown in insulation for master bed room, bath room and sun room in lower level
Vicinity of Richter Dr in Danbury
Cold Floor and Cold walls. House built 1971.
Vicinity of Woodbury Dr. in Danbury
Am interested in getting a quote for blown insulation between the garage and the second floor of my home.
Vicinity of Judith Drive in Danbury
Recently purchased home and interested in getting an estimate on a home energy assessment as the home seems colder than it should be & poorly insulated.
Vicinity of Barnum Road in Danbury
We get ice dams, and we would like to prevent this from happening again. We have added fiberglass batts, but obviously something still isn't right.
Vicinity of Josh Lane in Danbury
Have a shed and am inslating it can you blow insulation into the ceiling...
Vicinity of Kohanza Street in Danbury
I own an older townhouse end-unit, which is an investment property, that is very costly to heat. It makes it challenging to retain tenants because their electtric bills are considerable during the winter months. I would like to receive an estimate for blowing insulation into the walls and I would also like to have the walk-up attic area assessed to learn what the options/costs would be for making the unit more energy efficient.
Vicinity of Juniper Ridge Dr in Danbury
Looking for a audit on a 1950 era brick/masonary single family ranch. Looking for a thermal image and evaluation to gauge current exterior wall insulation window/door openings situation. Please contact me via email as the cell phone is for offical business use. Thank You
Vicinity of Lakeside Drive in Danbury
We are looking to purchase a home we want to know what we can do to decrease the heating and cooling costs
Vicinity of Dogwood Park North in Danbury
Would like information on fees, items checked, etc. Thanks.
Vicinity of Caisson Drive in Danbury
Estimate for exterior wall insulation for room above the garage (2 walls).
Vicinity of Butternut Lane in Danbury
Need to replace furnace. What type of financing with new replacement. Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades, Selected services: Heating and Cooling
Vicinity of Dana Rd in Danbury
Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades Selected services: Insulation, Windows and Doors, Air Sealing
Vicinity of Southern Blvd in Danbury
Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades, Selected services: Insulation
Vicinity of Sage Road in Danbury
I want to have an comprehensive home assessment done on the house. This was my parent's summer house which was built in 1975 with all electric heat. since it was built as a summer residence it is not insulated and in the worst 3 months of the winter i am currently paying $1000+ dollars a month. So, i want to know my options (i know that at the very least there are air sealing and insulation issues but i am also curious about my options for a more efficient electric heating system. I am BPI certified to perform energy audits and have been working for non-profit housing organizations for 20+ years and so i am familiar with basic energy efficiency measures but i am more familiar with subsidies and incentives in new york and not in ct. so i am also looking to better understand what is available to me in ct.
Vicinity of in Danbury
Hello, I would like to install electric Marey or Titan tankless water heater and dispose my old "Rheem". Thank you, Valentina
Vicinity of Huntington Dr in Danbury
Looking for estimates to get additional insulation in attic and possibly basement.
Vicinity of Birch Street in Danbury
I'm interested in getting a quote to remove my current hot water tank and install a tankless hot water system.
Vicinity of Middle River Road in Danbury
Please call for info on an estimate on my raised ranch home.
Vicinity of Tamanny Trail in Danbury
Interested in crawlspace insulation and also looking for someone to replace the crawlspace door.
Vicinity of Old Lantern Rd in Danbury
I'm interested in a quote on a small spray foam job. Also, possibly an energy audit. Thanks,
Vicinity of Deer Hill Ave in Danbury
Need an estimate for spraying my attic. Thanks.