Meet the Team : Kevin Pfau

Here at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, we are proud of our fabulous team of thoroughly trained professionals and a positive atmosphere influencing teamwork and collaboration. Our experts are currently pushing innovative technological innovations in the field and are constantly learning more to make sure they are always bringing you the most beneficial solutions!

Each of our team members are talented and trustworthy individuals and this Meet the Team Monday we're featuring one of the best of the best!

Meet the Team : Kevin Pfau - Image 1Meet Kevin Pfau, a Sales Representative at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut.

Kevin was born in Indiana before he grew up in Switzerland, Paris, and London! He then moved back to the United States to go to school in Detroit, Michigan, before finding his home in Danbury, CT where he now lives with his wife.

What does Kevin do with his free time? He is a member of the Danbury Hackerspace where you find the latest innovations dealing with computer programming, manufacturing, assembly, etc.… “it’s a geek club!”  Kevin works alongside other trained professionals, technicians, and creatives while he focuses on creating innovative solutions to home energy issues using Augmented Reality (AR) and other relevant technologies that can be used to optimize your home comfort. Before working in home energy, Kevin designed custom cases for the audio industry and then worked in home improvement retail management for some years.

Five years ago, he decided to completely focus his efforts into home energy and went back to school to become certified through the building performance institute. He decided to work in home energy because he believes it is a “win-win”. As a big believer in reducing our carbon footprint, he is proud that Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut’s services can help achieve this while saving their customers a ton on their heating and cooling bills. It is a field where you can save the planet and save money while doing it… it’s a miracle!

Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut offers a free at home estimate, but why should you call us instead of paying for an audit by common electric companies or government run programs? Well, Kevin has actually worked for such programs before and can conclude that Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut has the science on our side. We are not bound by the constraints of the other companies and have more correct science thanks to our years of research. We also can provide the best solution, not the easiest. These programs often focus on short term solutions that do not save the customer as much. Kevin has the insider knowledge necessary to give you the solution for what you need and will benefit you the most.

” Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut has the correct science and are not bound by constraints of other [government run] programs. We can provide the BEST solutions, not the easiest!”

-          Kevin Pfau

Homes in Connecticut must deal with both severe hot and cool temperatures throughout the year, and houses tend to be much older with out of date constructions. Kevin supports Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut’s deep knowledge and experience dealing with these older homes like colonials and cape cod style houses. Both need a specialized expert to offer home energy improvements because of their tricky constructions, and our company is proud to have been able to offer homeowners in houses such as these an average of 30-40% in heating and cooling bills savings!

Kevin wants homeowners to realize that the first symptom they will experience when living in an energy inefficient home is discomfort. A homeowner will be uncomfortable in their living spaces, and then soon realize they are paying expensive heating and cooling bills just to continue being uncomfortable at the end of the day! Typically, the biggest culprits of high heating and electricity bills are lack of proper insulation and air sealing in the home. Often homeowners think discomfort is a given and they just need to wear more sweaters in the winter and buy more fans for the summer, but that’s not the case!

Kevin and Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut are here to debunk that myth and want to offer solutions that can make you more comfortable in your home, save you money on your future bills, and help you lower your carbon footprint!

                “I can bring your comfort issues to light!”

-          Kevin Pfau

Are you a homeowner wanting to make your home more comfortable? Do you wish to make the planet a healthier place and save money while doing it? Call us today at 1-855-201-5406 or click here for your free at home estimate!



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