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Crawl Space Insulation in Fairfield, CT

This Fairfield, CT crawl space had several air leaks and its lack of insulation was causing uncomfortable temperatures and severe drafts in the rest of the home. The space had two poorly insulated windows allowing moist, unfiltered, unconditioned air to leak into the house proving to be a big issue. Wanting to make the space cleaner and improve the comfort of his home, the homeowner did some online research and decided to schedule an appointment with the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT.

Home energy specialist Keith Saunders arrived to inspect the home. Keith quickly identified the problems in the crawl space, including uninsulated floor joists, under-performing windows, little protection from moisture, and general lack of insulation. He shared his findings with the homeowner, and together, they discussed some possible solutions and found the best fit for the homeowner. 

On the first day of production, foreman Rudy Abel arrived with his crew to begin the project. First, they insulated the home's rim joist, which would prevent crawl space air from leaking into the rest of the home. Next, the team installed CleanSpace liner, which acts as a moisture barrier and covers up the dirty crawl space walls. Finally, they lined the walls with SilverGlo insulation, which includes a built-in reflective barrier that provides added protection from harsh exterior temperatures. When the team was done, the crawl space had been transformed from an uncomfortable crawl space into a neatly lined and well insulated area. The homeowner was more than satisfied with the results, excited that this project had provided him with a more energy efficient home, as well as some valuable storage space, all in one. 

TerraBlock and CleanSpace in Newtown, CT

Before we came out to this Newtown crawl space, it was dirty, cold and damp. The cold air that was seeping into the crawl space made the home above uncomfortable and made monthly energy bills higher for the homeowners. Wanting a solution, they called Dr. Energy Saver of CT! 

On the day of the scheduled appointment, our Home Comfort Advisor, Chris Grosso, arrived to give a free home evaluation. He stressed the benefits of proper insulation, including: an increase in overall home comfort, a decrease in energy bills, and a deterrent against water entry, mold and pests. He suggested that TerraBlock and CleanSpace would be the perfect solutions for this Newtown home’s crawl space. The homeowner agreed, and the installation process was scheduled. 

Rudy Abel and his production team installed the products efficiently and professionally. They cleared out the crawl space and began to install the TerraBlock to the walls. TerraBlock is designed to handle tough crawl spaces and acts as a durable thermal and moisture barrier. Our patented CleanSpace liner was then installed on the floors. CleanSpace helps seal out cold drafts in the winter and reduces moisture and humidity in the area, making the home more energy efficient and more comfortable. 

These solutions satisfied the homeowner’s concerns! He is now happily enjoying a more comfortable home thanks to Dr. Energy Saver of CT! 

Is your crawl space damp, musty and cold? Call us at 1-866-855-6204 to schedule your free, no obligation home evaluation! 

SilverGlo in Newtown, CT

This Newtown attic was under insulated and caused fluctuating temperatures and discomfort throughout the home. When an attic lacks the proper insulation, it can cause high heating and cooling costs, uncomfortable rooms, and uneven temperatures throughout the entire home. This Newtown homeowner wanted a solution, so he called the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT and scheduled an appointment for a free home evaluation. 

On the day of the appointment, our home comfort advisor, Chris Grosso, concluded that the attic would need to be insulated and air sealed using spray foam and SilverGlo rigid foam board insulation. Some of the benefits of SilverGlo insulation include an infusion with graphite powder to improve insulating value and a reflective coating that acts as an effective radiant barrier to keep heat inside the home. Before the insulation is installed, it is highly recommended to have the entire attic air sealed, which will eliminate any drafts and unwanted airflow in the attic.

On the day of production, Rudy Abel and his team began to remove the existing insulation. Then, the entire attic was air sealed with spray foam. Lastly, the SilverGlo panels were installed, and the homeowner was extremely happy with the results! He now enjoys a more comfortable, energy efficient home thanks to Dr. Energy Saver of CT! 

Does your attic have inefficient insulation? Call us at 1-866-855-6204 to schedule your free, no obligation home evaluation! 

Crawl Space Repair in Monroe

This Monroe crawl space was covered in cob webs and dirty debris. There was existing fiberglass insulation trying its best to insulate the rim joist, yet failing to do so when exposed to the moist crawl space atmosphere. The uncomfortable conditions limited the homeowner from being able to use this space to their advantage for storage. We installed our CleanSpace Vapor Barrier. It offers a 25-year warranty that keeps moisture and humidity out of your crawl space. Under that is our drainage matting, this gives water a place to go if any were to leak into the crawl space. This space is healthy, more attractive looking and able to be used as a functional space by the homeowner. 

Crawlspace Insulation in Oxford, CT

The old-fashioned way to insulate a crawlspace was to install fiberglass batt insulation between the joists, and to vent the crawl space so that outside air could circulate beneath the house. Unfortunately, Fiberglass insulation doesn’t respond well to the moist conditions that can be found in this area of the home. The cotton-like material absorbs moisture, compresses or sags, and loses R-value like it did in this home. The Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut team insulated the crawlspace walls using spray foam, and we installed insulation and our CleanSpace vapor barrier on the floor. This home is now more energy efficient and comfortable with a clean and properly insulated crawl space.   


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