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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Stamford, CT

The old-fashioned way to insulate a crawl space was to install fiberglass batts between the overhead joists. This is no longer recommended for several reasons. In a crawl space, fiberglass insulation tends to absorb moisture, which causes it to lose R-value and fall out of place, rendering it ineffective while also creating a mess. It is also an invitation to mice and other pests. To repair and insulate this crawlspace, we first removed the old insulation. To keep moisture from entering the space, we installed drainage matting beneath TerraBlock foam insulation on the floors, and the CleanSpace vapor barrier above it. On the walls, we used closed cell spray foam. It's perfect for a crawlspace environment! Closed cell foam cures dense and hard, and it forms an effective barrier against both moisture and air. When the crawl space was finished, the owners were able to enjoy a less humid and more energy efficient home!

Crawlspace Insulation in Stamford, CT

One reason fiberglass insulation is a poor choice for crawlspaces is that it is an area that is vulnerable to moisture. Where the goal is to keep moisture out of the crawlspace, and subsequently the home, fiberglass batts absorb humidity and lose R-value when they do. When we arrived in this Stamford home, we found that the insulation had already grown heavy with dampness and had fallen. After removing the ineffective fiberglass, we used closed cell spray foam on the walls and our CleanSpace vapor barrier on the ground to insulate, air seal, and block out moisture entirely. The owners of this home have improved energy efficiency and home comfort, and lower energy bills because of encapsulating their crawl space!

CleanSpace Vent Cover in Stamford, CT

In older houses, it is common for crawl spaces to have open vents installed. It was believed that the vents would allow fresh air to circulate through the area to help relieve moisture and humidity from the room. However, the air outside is often more wet and humid than the inside. Moist air that enters a vented crawl space will condense on cooler crawl space surfaces, ruining insulation and encouraging mold, mildew and wood decay. That air will also be naturally circulated up through all of the other levels of the home.  Encapsulating the crawl space with our CleanSpace crawl space liner is the recommended treatment for a vented crawl space in order to separate and shield the crawl space from outside conditions. Our Everlast crawl space vent covers won’t warp, rot or crack and, most importantly, they are airtight, helping to ensure a dry crawl space and more comfortable living area. 

Crawlspace Insulation in Stamford, CT

A homeowner in Stamford, CT had a crawlspace that was poorly insulated and was very musty. They made the right decision when they decided to call us at Dr. Energy Saver of CT. After scheduling an appointment with us, one of our Sales Consultants, Keith Saunders, went out to the home to estimate the issues and propose a solution. 

Then it would soon be time for one of our Foremen, Rudy Abel, and his team to get working on this project. To insulate the crawlspace, they installed SilverGlo along the walls. This reflects heat into the crawlspace to ensure energy efficiency. TerraBlock insulation was also installed on the floors of the crawlspace to protect it from moisture but also keep it properly insulated. For extra moisture/vapor protection, the crew installed CleanSpace. A SaniDry Sedona dehumidifier was put in to prevent moisture and dampness, but also from any potential mold growth. 

Crawl Space Transformation in Weston, CT

Before we came to this Weston crawl space, it had a dirt floor and falling insulation. The homeowners wanted their crawl space to be upgraded to a clean and insulated space so they could enjoy home comfort all year long. They decided to give Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut a call, knowing that they are the experts!

Our System Design Specialist, Chris Grosso, arrived at the house to do a free home evaluation. He concluded that the best way to ensure a clean and fully insulated crawl space would be to install SilverGlo Wall Panels, TerraBlock Floor Insulation, and a CleanSpace System. The SilverGlo Wall Panels will keep the wall highly insulated. The TerraBlock Insulation will keep the floors properly insulated at all times. The CleanSpace System will act as a vapor barrier to keep the crawl space constantly dry. With a combination of all of these products, the crawl space will stay fully insulated and clean all year long. Johnny Lopez and his production team installed everything professionally and accurately. By the end of their visit, these Weston homeowners were extremely happy with the transformation. Just look how clean and insulated the after picture looks, incredible! 

Want to get your crawl space clean just like this one? Give us a call at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, and we will come by and do a FREE home energy evaluation! 

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