Work Requests in Waterbury

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Waterbury. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut's recent work requests in Waterbury and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Connecticut's recent work requests in Waterbury, CT
Vicinity of Lone Oak Av in Waterbury
I need new windows
Vicinity of Congress Ave in Waterbury
I'd like a quote to insulate the roof line of my 3fam house. My wife and I live on the 3rd floor and are expanding the living space into the attic. I think I want closed cell spray foam but would be interested to hear suggestions.
Vicinity of Jodie Circle in Waterbury
Insulation of a crawl space as seen in the video.
Vicinity of Sage Drive in Waterbury
Need a quote for attic, 700 sq. ft. blow in over existing R-11 and insulating attic hatch
Vicinity of Perkins Ave in Waterbury
Looking for pricing to possibly get insulation blown in walls if possible
Vicinity of Hill Street in Waterbury
High bills, cold downstairs and hot upstairs during winter, insulation issues
Vicinity of Woodhaven Street in Waterbury
I am looking to get an estimate to insulating the house.
Vicinity of in Waterbury
7 buildings which need insulation
Vicinity of Sylvan Ave in Waterbury
The house is about 1300 sq feet, the house is under renovation , we need Attic insulation. Thanks,
Vicinity of Lakeside Blvd East in Waterbury
Attic insulation
Vicinity of Euclid Ave in Waterbury
Heating and insulation concerns. Want to lower energy bills, especially during winter season.
Vicinity of Anna Ave in Waterbury
Need insulation in walls of home. Have new windows and new gas furnace. Only insulation is in attic. House is from the 50's
Vicinity of Joy Rd in Waterbury
Require a quote to insulate my house and finished attic
Vicinity of Frost Road in Waterbury
I need estimate
Vicinity of Redcoat Rd in Waterbury
High heating bills, drafty walls and sockets
Vicinity of Stonefield Dr in Waterbury
Looking to purchase a property in Waterbury andI'm interested in an estimate of the SilverGlo attic system.
Vicinity of Robinwood Road in Waterbury
I have approximately 60 square feet of outside wall in my bathroom which was not insulated when the bathroom was remodeled. It is around the toilet and it gets very cold in the winter. Also, the waterline to the toilet will freeze occasionally. Is this a job you might be interested in or is it too small? Please let me know. Thanks and regards, Lou Nugai
Vicinity of Birchfield Drive in Waterbury
I would like to get a free estimate on 3 replaacement windows
Vicinity of Harker Ave in Waterbury
We need to remove the existing 50 year old cellulose insulation via vacuum removal, air seal the attic and install new cellulose or bat insulation to R49 - R60 requirements. the attic is 30' x 26' the ceiling framing is 2 x 4s. The attic is accessible through a 2' x 3' hatch in the bedroom closet. Please contact me to discuss. thank you John Mikulak JAM Remodeling LLC
Vicinity of Ranaudo Street in Waterbury
Heating bills too high. Need energy audit
Vicinity of Irene Ave. in Waterbury
Home insulation.
Vicinity of in Waterbury
High Electrical CLP Bills
Vicinity of Harwood Rd in Waterbury
Hello, I've recently moved into my new house and was given a coupon by the home inspector for a free home energy evaluation. I was wondering when I could schedule an appointment for the evaluation. Thanks. -Craig
Vicinity of Russell St in Waterbury
Have a three family home. the first and 3rd floor have been renovated within the last 10 year and insulated. The second floor still has the old plaster and has no insulation looking to insulate the 2nd floor with some type of spray insulation
Vicinity of Edin Ave in Waterbury
Need wall insulation for older home.
Vicinity of Harwood Rd in Waterbury
I have consistent drafts within my family room which is directly above my garage. I can feel fairly strong, cold drafts coming from my forced air vents/ducts. The garage's ceiling is drywalled and I can tell that there is insulation present but exploration holes show voids, especially next to the outer walls/next to the garage doors. I would like to get an estimate regarding how much it will cost to foam insulate my garage before I start ripping down all the drywall. I'm hoping to keep my family room warm. I would also like to get ball park estimates for other parts of my home. Please call whenever as my phone is my cell. Thanks.
Vicinity of Fairfield Avenue in Waterbury
Need a quote for blown in insulation.
Vicinity of Fairlawn Ave in Waterbury
Old house will zero insulation and plater walls. Need to insulate all exterior walls
Vicinity of Ardmore Avenue in Waterbury
Basement needs to be insulated.
Vicinity of Wolcott St in Waterbury
I have 4.500 to 5.000 sq f.i want 5 inches tick callme
Vicinity of Elk Ave in Waterbury
I would like an estimate on Ductless Air System.
Vicinity of KELSEY ST in Waterbury
I'd like an estimate on a mini split ductless ac and blow in insulation.
Vicinity of Fiske St in Waterbury
Need oil boiler replaced w/ high efficient natural gas unit. Additional information: Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades Selected services: Heating and Cooling, Water Heaters
Vicinity of Bamford Avenue in Waterbury
I just moved into my first apartment with my child. Windows are very old in house some are broken and trimming is broken. I want to know an estimate because I know these windows will effect how well heat will hold in apartment. Additional information: Interested in: Whole-House Energy Audit
Vicinity of Cynthia St in Waterbury
Interested in: Whole-House Energy Audit
Vicinity of Moran Street in Waterbury
I need to upgrade my gas furnace can someone come out and give me a free estimate. Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades
Vicinity of Fairfax St in Waterbury
Replace a hot air blower on a Armstrong oil furnace Ultra 80...per 1990....