Work Requests in Milford

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Milford. Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut's recent work requests in Milford and nearby areas!

Learn more about Dr. Energy Saver Connecticut's recent work requests in Milford, CT
Vicinity of Welchs Pt Rd in Milford
Foam sprayed under house between floor joists
Vicinity of Gulf Street in Milford
Older home, with a semi finished attic. Roof completely snow free in the winter. Would like to get it better insulated. Need a price estimate
Vicinity of Woodruff Rd in Milford
Full foam insulation for 1500 sq ft house that is stripped to studs
Vicinity of Devol ST. in Milford
Back of house is musty - suspect damp crawl space, would like evaluation please
Vicinity of Ray Bob Road in Milford
High electric bills
Vicinity of Knobb Hill in Milford
Need attic insulation and ventilation for a 2 BR ranch
Vicinity of Daytona Ave. in Milford
Looking for an estimate to spray foam closed cell walls celling and floor of a 20 x 7 room. 3 walls 2-7' 1-20'. 2x6 framing every where
Vicinity of Fresh Meadow Ln in Milford
Looking to see how we can make the house warmer and cooler in the summer.
Vicinity of Dewey Avenue in Milford
Just purchased home a few months ago. 100sqft sunroom addition in rear was built over an uninsulated crawlspace. Room feels colder than the rest of the house.
Vicinity of MAGNOLIA RD in Milford
I want an home energy evaluation to be done of my home. Attic needs to be checked if it needs more foam insulation. Evaluation for any cold air coming in. thanks Mohan
Vicinity of Live Oaks Rd in Milford
Cold drafty house. I would like an estimate to insulate and or improve drafts as needed.
Vicinity of Thompson Street in Milford
Hello, I am looking to spray foam my 900sf crawl space ceiling. Thank you.
Vicinity of Ansantawae Rd in Milford
I have a crawl space under my family room that was once a one car garage...15'x24'. The room is cold in the winter mostly because the insulation had fallen away from the underside of the floor.
Vicinity of Walnut St in Milford
Lloking for cost insulation attic
Vicinity of George Street in Milford
We have two sunrooms one is 10 by 12 the other is 10 by 16 .. New 2 x6 construction. - ready for insulation
Vicinity of Judith Drive in Milford
Several walls very cold during winter....several walls get really hot in Summer had foam sprayed in attic a couple of years ago Best way is to contact by email
Vicinity of Orange Avenue in Milford
Can you use spray foam insulation in an existing house?
Vicinity of Viscount Drive in Milford
Owner of a townhouse built in the 1970's outside walls existing insulation seems to have fallen or is nonexistent. Please call me to schedule appointment for estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Red Bush Lane in Milford
We have a new addition and would like a quote
Vicinity of Aster Road in Milford
I have 8 or ten inches of insulation in my attic, which I have been told is not enough. Also, I have two hollow walls and a large hollow chamber next to the chimney for the boiler which go from the basement to the attic. Finally, I do not want ice dams from insulation bllocking air flow under the roof.
Vicinity of Woodland Drive in Milford
Attic and basement insulation
Vicinity of Bryan Hill Rd in Milford
Insulate 2 car garage 3 walls open and accessible
Vicinity of Naugatuck Ave. in Milford
House was built in 1906. I purchased in 2008. Looks like attic has not been cleaned in decades! Disintegrating insulation, dirt, etc. We only have a square access hole in the bathroom kind of close to the back door. Do you clean out attics? I don't want residue in my living space and would fear that if I did myself.
Vicinity of Meadows End Rd in Milford
Electrical bill is high compared to the size of the home.
Vicinity of Oldroyd Street in Milford
I dont think we have insulation in our walls.
Vicinity of Whalley Ave in Milford
New Home proposal Closed cell: 7" 104 sqft 9" 60 sqft 8" 1,200 sqft Bal of job Fiberglass Batts
Vicinity of Housatonic Drive in Milford
Walls are cold. Draft in kitchen. Copper pipes in basement--should they be insulated? Water tank insulated? Upstairs dormer very cold.
Vicinity of Saley Rd. in Milford
Our attic is not insulated well. We've had ice dam issues and water coming in through out Bay Window in our living room. Would like an estimate on insulating the attic and making sure the air flow is proper.
Vicinity of Oldroyd Street in Milford
2 crawl spaces in basement that need to be insulated. Just wondering approximately how much it would cost
Vicinity of Farview Avenue in Milford
Would like someone to take a look and give us an estimate to insulate the walls of our crawl space
Vicinity of Howe Place in Milford
Need blown in insulation for walls of home
Vicinity of Red Bush Lane in Milford
Need attic insulated
Vicinity of Kinloch Street in Milford
I'd like to replace by oil burning furnace with a natural gas furnace. I have gas in the house already. As part of the project, I'm exepecting that the existing oil tank in the basement will be removed. Thanks.
Vicinity of Hawley Avenue in Milford
Complete gut and rehab. Currently in the framing stage. Looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Meadowpark Dr in Milford
Insulation in my attic, I have duct work.
Vicinity of Andrus Dr. in Milford
I'm looking for pricing on a gas tankless water heater, also I might think about an electric unit. I'm just pricing at this time. Additional information: Interested in: Free Estimates For Replacements and Upgrades Selected services: Water Heaters