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So, you’re living in an uncomfortable home or are concerned your home’s energy efficiency…who better to call than Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut where you can make an appointment with one of our trained Home Energy Specialists? We fix uncomfortable homes!

You may ask what makes Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut such a dominant figure in the home energy industry, and the answer is simple. Our team is full of the best of the best!


Home Energy Specialist Keith SaundersMeet Keith Saunders, a Home Energy Specialist at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut.

Keith grew up in Stamford, Connecticut where his family members were home builders. He now lives in Milford with his wife, who also works for Basement Systems (a sister company of Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut)! When he is not on the job as a Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut Home Energy Specialist; he is hiking, going to the beach, bird watching, and spending time in nature with his wife and two kids: Alice (6 years old) and Jack (2 years old). 

Before finding himself in home energy, Keith was working in the music industry building recording studios and home automation integrating smart thermostats and speakers/cameras.

Keith has a passion for energy and helping to protect the environment, he even studied Environmental Science in college which helped him grasp a full understanding of energy efficiency. When asking Keith why he chose to work at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, the answer was easy:

“Dr. Energy Saver interested me because it’s a great way to make a direct impact on the environment while helping people save money and making their homes more comfortable.”

– Keith Saunders

He is confident in what our company stands for as a team of Home Energy Specialists who go beyond the government minimum criteria. “We look at what the client needs and what effects them directly, instead of just what the home needs”. We are in the business of both making people more confident in their home’s energy efficiency and, more importantly, improving their comfort and health! Keith believes, “We are focused on not only saving energy, but your comfort”.

When looking to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient, Keith would like to remind you to be mindful of your home being drafty or of cold floors above the garage during the winter. These are common signs of a leaky home, as well as your second floor being much hotter than the first during the summer and surprisingly high fuel or electric bills.

Usually most homes are 2 or 3 times leakier than they should be. They cannot contain the air you have heated or cooled. Insulation does not keep air from leaking out of the house, so it is important to plug up the holes as well as adding insulation as needed.

– Keith Saunders

Are you living in one of Connecticut’s many traditional, old homes and are concerned by your home’s energy? Look no further! With his family’s history as home builders and his own background in construction, Keith loves a challenge! He finds the most interesting projects are ones with unique construction styles, especially older homes. He says, “with my knowledge of construction and home energy science, we are able to diagnose what the best solution would be”.  Keith one time worked on a house over 200 years old where several other contractors were not sure how to deal with the walk-up attic specifically. This type of condition is not an uncommon site across the state, and Keith was able to recommend our SuperAttic™ System… bringing these homeowners a 34% reduction in their fuel usage and BIG savings over time. This could be you!

It is important to be concerned with your home’s energy efficiency.

“Homes are a big investment and when we make our initial purchase, we don’t always consider the day to day costs. Fuel and electricity typically amount to thousands of dollars each year and if Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut can cut that significantly, we can bring in a large turn in investment for the homeowner. Besides the comfort and cost, we can help protect the environment by lowering our carbon footprint.

– Keith Saunders

We have the reputation and experience to do the job right and give our clients peace of mind. Since the 1980’s, our company’s owner, Larry Janesky, has stood behind every project our company has installed and everyday our clients tell us we are thorough and professional. Everyone in our staff is thoroughly trained and certified and we take pride in our work!

If you are looking to improve your family’s comfort, are concerned about your carbon footprint, or are looking for some extra savings on your next fuel or electricity bill… call Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut today and ask to see Keith Saunders for your free Home Energy Estimate!

“I’ve personally fixed over 500 homes in Connecticut and am passionate about what I do. Every day is exciting for me to talk with our clients and find out what their needs are. I’m always up for a challenge.”

– Keith Saunders

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