Attic Insulation Customer Testimonial from Mr and Mrs B. in Sandy Hook, CT

As a first time customer of Dr. Energy Saver I was skeptical.

The testing and assessment of the of the house was impressive. It showed me exactly what points of air leakage I had in my house. Of course I knew my house was drafty, but I had no way to quantify it.

I was originally looking for someone to insulate the two rooms over my garage that have been cold in the winter and hot in the summer. I assumed it was due to lack of proper insulation. While this was true it was not the whole story. Yes I could have had some one just blow some insulation. But I had trouble finding someone who could adequately address this issue and explain the various options available to me.

My wife is a big fan of HGTV and Holmes on Homes. His motto, "do it right" is one I agree with fully. If an estimate given is reasonable, and there is a better way to do it, based on your experience, I want to know about it. Then I can make a decision to do it or not. If spending a little more will give me much better results that is worth the extra cost.

Too often, contractors just respond to what the homeowner requests without offering options. After all you, as the contractor, should be the expert and should be providing expert advise in addition to your service.

That is what I found from you and your team; the ability to explain the options fully, make a recommendation and a cost estimate that is reasonable. Yes it was more expensive than I planned, but I got so much more for it.

The results are extraordinary, we had a few cold days after the work was done, and I saw the results immediately. The heat just didn't turn on. At first I thought I just forgot to turn it on after the workmen left, but it was on. During the night I woke expecting the heat to kick on but it didn't yet the house was warm and comfortable.

When the heat did go on due to all the work done on my ductwork and attic, the system was quieter than it had been in in our seven years in this house. The system always seemed noisy and unbalanced. Well that was because the ducts were not properly sealed and the insulation was not properly installed. When you add that to the air sealing process, I could heat the house with a candle.

I am looking forward to this summer to see how much cooler my house stays with a more efficient and better insulated cooling system to maintain my comfort. I will be tracking my energy usage to determine the actual savings, but I am confident just from these few weeks of experience. It is like a tune up for the whole house.

Larry, thanks for taking interest in our home and in teaching us how to be more energy efficient. As energy costs rise and concern about depleting resources increase, it is good to know that there are environmentally conscience business leaders like your self that build a business model to support advances in this space. Relying on building codes and governmental agencies is not the answer, Dr. Energy Saver is.

- Mr and Mrs B. of Sandy Hook, CT
Monday, September 19th
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