Attic Insulation Customer Testimonial from Chris J. in Watertown, CT

Chris J.'s house in Watertown, CT had serious comfort problems. The second floor was extremely hot during the summer and freezing cold in the winter. His daughter's room above the garage was one of the most uncomfortable areas in the house. Chris called several home insulation contractors to come and inspect the property to hopefully find a solution.  Most of the proposals presented by these companies didn't include any improvements that would address the bitter cold drafts coming into the house from the east side.

Chris then called Dr. Energy Saver who sent a certified energy conservation specialist to take a look at the problem. After a full assessment of the property, Dr. Energy Saver was the only company that presented a feasible solution for every comfort problem Chris and his family were experiencing. It was the only company to include professional air sealing as a way to stop the cold drafts that were causing so much discomfort.

Chris is very pleased with the entire experience, from the sales visit all the way through to the installation process. Just hours after the project was finished, they were able to feel the difference in terms of improved comfort.

- Chris J. of Watertown, CT
Monday, November 24th

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