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Air Seal and Insulation Installation in Stamford, CT

These Stamford, CT homeowners called Dr Energy Saver of Connecticut with concerns for their high heating and cooling bills. They were looking to invest in their attic by consulting with one of our Home Energy Specialists. Keith Saunders, an expert in anything home energy, visited their home to check out any shortcomings in their attic. He noticed there were a lot of gaps in their fiberglass bats insulation that was allowing their heated and conditioned air from the living spaces leak into the attic. Also, their air ducts were not completely air sealed which also was robbing the homeowners from their conditioned air.

Keith suggested they air seal, ugrade their insulation, and build an area they could use for storage in their attic. We sent out Rudy Abel, a foreman with ample knowledge and experience in installing home energy products. He first removed all the fiberglass bats installed that had become compressed and were barely providing any insulation. He then used an expanding spray-able foam into any gaps and joints throughout the attic, including installing foam caps for all the can lights and air sealing them too. He used our Spray Foam insulation to completely seal and insulate all the air ducts. Him and his crew installed our Blown in Cellulose insulation so the attic can have an r-value of R60 to provide an ample blanket of insulation. 

The homeowners now have an incredibly energy efficient attic that helps contain any conditioned air in the living spaces. The homeowners are already pleased with the work!

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