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Blown Cellulose in New Canaan, CT

This New Canaan attic was filled with traditional fiberglass insulation. Even though the attic was “insulated,” it still caused discomfort for the homeowner. As seen in the before photo, the fiberglass insulation was poorly installed and air was still able to leak through. The homeowner wanted a solution to make her home more comfortable and have a lower energy bill, so she decided to call the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT to help!

The solution for this attic was to install blown-in cellulose. Blown cellulose is superior to traditional fiberglass insulation because it is effective, safe and environmentally friendly. It has a superior R-value compared to fiberglass and is also known as a “green” product. It is primarily made from recycled newspaper that have been treated with boric compounds to become resistant to water, rodents, insects and fire. This product also acts as a thermal barrier that will keep the temperatures in the home more stable and comfortable.

Once installation was complete, the homeowner noticed a difference in her electric bill and was extremely happy with the results! 

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SilverGlo and Air Sealing in New Canaan, CT

This New Canaan attic was under insulated and caused drafts and uneven temperatures throughout the home. The homeowner wanted a solution that would make her home more energy efficient, so she decided to call Dr. Energy Saver of CT to help! 

The solution for this attic was to air seal and install SilverGlo panels to the walls of the attic. The air sealant (orange foam in the after photo) will help cover and fill any cracks or openings and the SilverGlo panels will help insulate the entire attic, keeping the hot or cool air you pay for inside your home. After our expert team installed these two products, the home was running much more efficiently. This is exactly what the homeowner wanted, and she was very happy with the results. She now enjoys a much more comfortable, energy efficient home. 

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Super Attic Transformation in New Canaan, CT

This attic in New Canaan, CT was under insulated and the homeowners were tired of their house being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, while spending a fortune on energy bills. They wanted a solution for their uncomfortable home and decided to give Dr. Energy Saver of CT a call! 

The attic plays a critical role in a home’s energy performance, which often reflects an energy bill. The ultimate decision to install Dr. Energy Saver’s SuperAttic for this New Canaan attic was a perfect choice to resolve the homeowners’ concerns. A SuperAttic system combines air sealing and attic insulation together. This system utilizes SilverGlo rigid foam insulation panels to fully seal and insulate the attic. Each SilverGlo panel (which you can see as the gray panels in the after picture) is sealed to the attic framing and to neighboring panels. This creates a thick layer of insulation that includes a radiant barrier. The SuperAttic system eliminates air leaks and keeps roof ventilation maintained, which makes for a comfortable home.  

Now these happy homeowners can enjoy their comfortable home as well as having a lower energy bill thanks to Dr. Energy Saver of CT. 

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Spray Foam and Rim Joist Insulation in Easton, CT

This Easton crawlspace was dirty and poorly insulated. A crawlspace that is poorly insulated will affect the entire home, making floors colder and energy bills higher. The homeowner wanted to find a reputable company to install sufficient insulation in her crawlspace, so she decided to call the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT for a free estimate.

The solution for this crawlspace was to insulate the walls with SilverGlo and insulate the rim joists with spray foam. Our patented SilverGlo rigid foam board insulation has a layer of radiant barrier to reflect summer heat out and heat during the winter in and is also durable and waterproof. Using spray foam on the rim joists will ensure that there will be no drafts or air leakage. Together, these two products will create a well-insulated crawlspace that will reduce energy bills and make the whole home more comfortable.

Now this homeowner can enjoy a more energy efficient home thanks to Dr. Energy Saver of CT! 

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Blown Attic Insulation Installation in Bridgeport, CT

Despite a layer of fiberglass insulation, this attic was still letting cold, drafty air into this Bridgeport house. While the existing fiberglass insulation added some insulation value, it didn't stop the problematic air leaks. To fix this issue, we first had to remove the ineffective fiberglass insulation. Next, we air-sealed the attic with expanding foam, sealing all cracks that air seeps into the house from. Additionally, we upgraded the insulation to our TruSoft blown cellulose insulation. Air-sealing the attic, combined with an attic insulation upgrade, cut this home's heating and cooling costs by around 40%!

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