Dirt Crawl Spaces: A Housing Epidemic

There are more than 28 million homes in the US built on dirt, vented crawl spaces and a quarter of a million more are being built every year. That means more than 28 million properties are sitting on a humid, mold prone foundation; risking structural damage from dry rot or moisture loving pests, such as termites. Each of these 28 million families are breathing filthy crawl space air, exposing themselves to mold spores and dust mites -- the 2 most common causes of indoor allergies and mild to severe upper respiratory symptoms. These 28 million homeowners are most likely paying much more than necessary to heat and cool their homes, due to crawl space related energy loss. Moisture and related problems are so prevalent in dirt, vented crawl spaces, that building scientists call it a true "housing epidemic". If you are among these millions of homeowners dealing with a moldy, nasty crawl space, we have the solution for you! Our crawl space repair system was developed and patented by the company who pioneered the crawl space encapsulation technology in the world.

Protect your home and family from mold, structural problems and high energy bills! Give us a call today for your free crawl space repair estimate!

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