Improving Energy Efficiency in a Historic Building, Insulating the Attic and Cathedral Ceiling

Dr. Energy Saver has installed the appropriate insulation to help restore and improve this historic building's energy efficiency.The Cobb's Mill Inn building, in Weston, CT is one of the oldest structures in the U.S. and was built before the revolutionary wars. In 1936, Alice DeLamar - one of the most prominent New York, Palm Beach and Weston socialites of her time - opened the Cobb's Mill Inn restaurant, which over the years, hosted several U.S. presidents and served as the romantic setting for thousands of weddings.

Unfortunately, as time went by and fuel and energy costs began to increase, heating and cooling the place became too expensive. In 2010 the restaurant closed its doors. Dr. Energy Saver helped rescue this historic landmark by helping the current owners lower energy bills with attic and cathedral ceiling insulation, as well as air sealing to keep the conditioned air inside the building. Thanks to this complete energy upgrade, tourists and residents might soon be able enjoy the Cobb's Mill again.

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