Customer Testimonial from Mark & Roberta B. in Litchfield, CT

 Mark and Roberta had plans to utilize their attic as additional living space. Yet, as it happens with unconditioned attics, theirs was scorching hot during the summer and freezing cold during the winter. Attic temperatures were not only making it unusable but were impacting the overall temperatures and comfort throughout the house. There were also air leakages and moisture from the living areas being carried into the attic.

The Litchfield, CT couple called several home insulation contractors to see what could be done to solve the problem, but the solutions proposed by these companies didn't make any sense for them. So the attic remained closed and unusable.

One day Mark saw one of Dr. Energy Saver's On the Job videos about attic insulation, and it seemed to him that he had finally found a solution for his attic.  He then called Dr. Energy Saver for a free estimate. After a thorough inspection of the entire property and the attic, the certified energy consultation specialist presented the couple with several options to solve their comfort problems and accomplish the goals they have set for the attic.

The couple chose to fully condition the attic by having the SuperAttic system installed. The SuperAttic System allowed them to extend the thermal boundaries of the house and include the entire attic space into the building envelope, adding 1200 sq.ft. of comfortable living space to their home.

- Mark & Roberta B. of Litchfield, CT
Monday, November 24th

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