3 Common Signs of an Attic Insulation Problem


Having improper attic insulation and air sealing causes significant effects on the home’s comfort and energy efficiency. An attic that doesn’t meet insulation standards will lead to uneven temperatures throughout the home, uncomfortable rooms, and high heating and cooling costs.  We came up with a list of the following 3 common signs of an attic insulation problem, so you can identify if your home needs a permanent solution.

More than ever, homeowners are stuck inside, and this is the perfect opportunity to address your attic concerns. Let’s work together to make the most of this unexpected time at home. 

Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut specializes in helping you solve these problems in your home. As the local member of the national Attic Systems network, we provide high-quality attic insulation and air sealing services designed to make your home more comfortable and efficient. 

Sign #1: Uncomfortable Temperatures

When an attic is improperly insulated, it lacks the barrier between living spaces and the attic that is needed to maintain temperatures throughout the house. If your house gets too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter, you may want to check for other issues, that may tell you there is an insulation issue in the attic.

What should you be on the lookout for?

  • Too cold in the winter
  • Too hot in the summer
  • Air flowing from your attic into a living space

Our Solution: Installing blown cellulose insulation would meet the recommended insulation levels and help prevent airflow between spaces. This will ensure the air you pay to heat and cool stays in the living spaces at desired temperatures. If the cause of the uncomfortable temperatures is an air leak, we will then air seal the spaces to fix it.

blown cellulose insulation

Sign #2: Visibly Inadequate Insulation

According to the Insulation Institute, 90% of homes in the United States are under-insulated, so there is a good chance yours is too. Often you can tell by looking at it if the attic has enough insulation. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends having between 13-18 inches of insulation.

What should you be on the lookout for?

  • How thick or thin is your current insulation?
  • Does your insulation cover the entire area?

Our Solution: To fix this issue, we remove the old insulation and install our new, recommended insulation with the recommended level of insulation your attic needs basing on your local climate. Each attic is different and would need a full assessment to determine which type of insulation is best. This will assure that your house is insulated properly and to standard. It will also prevent heat transfer between the attic and the rooms below, allowing your heating and cooling systems to run less frequently and for shorter amounts of time.


Sign #3: Expensive HVAC Bills

Having insufficient insulation forces your HVAC system to run longer than needed to get your home to the right temperature. This would be an expensive and inefficient process to continuously run in your home. Having the right amount of insulation levels, your furnace or air conditioner will be able to reach desired temperatures efficiently.

What should you be on the lookout for?

  • How long it takes for your room to reach desired temperatures?
  • Are your HVAC bills too expensive?

Radiant Barrier

Our Solution: We make sure that your attic is completely insulated to prevent drafts and from temperature taking too long to reach desired degrees. We can also provide a radiant barrier that reflects heat as it enters through your roof, keeping your attic cooler in those hot seasons, and helping the AC run more efficiently.


Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut is here to help provide you with a quality attic insulation that will reduce your energy expenses and help create a more comfortable home all year long. No more high heating and cooling costs!

No matter what the attic issue we have a solution for you. With lots of options, we will fix your problems permanently.

Now that you are aware of these 3 common signs of an attic insulation problem, take the time to do an inspection in your home and see if you can identify any of the signs. If you have any concerns or can identify any, be sure to reach out to us for a free, no-obligation estimate. You can call us at 1-800-328-1081 or book online here.

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