Energy Savings and Deregulation in CT

Energy Savings and Deregulation in CT - Image 1Energy deregulation allows for people to choose a company to supply their power. Before deregulation, the entire supply and distribution of electrical power was very monopolistic. People were given a rate that they had to pay for all of their energy usage, and had no other options.

Benefits of Deregulation

The shift towards deregulation has helped to create competition in the electricity industry. Electric companies now compete for business with other companies in their state, and homeowners have the option to choose the supplier with the best package and price.

The introduction of a competitive market is meant to help homeowners like you to pay a more affordable price for the valuable energy you need for your home.  Energy deregulation is different in every state, so below is some information about energy deregulation in CT.

Deregulation in CT

In Connecticut, we are fortunate to have deregulation because there are plenty of options for savings. We need to save wherever possible, especially with the debt the utilities are trying to pay off—with our help. For example, our rates are increasing because of the need to pay off the millions that went into the repairs from last October’s sudden snow storm and electric problems that resulted from the damage.

What does this all mean? Our rates are rising, but deregulation allows for a cut in at least part of our bill. In addition, there are home energy experts who can perform whole-house checkups/audits to identify areas that your home is not efficiently maintaining energy and the conditioned air you pay to heat or cool.

Home Energy Audit

Although energy deregulation can save homeowners money on their monthly energy bills, it is certainly not the only way for them to save! Local energy experts provide home energy savings throughout CT. A great way to start saving is scheduling a home energy audit.

How an Audit Works

During a home energy audit, an expertly trained contractor will perform a series of tests to pinpoint areas in your home where energy loss occurs. After pinpointing the inefficient areas, the energy saving contractor will discuss with you their findings and help you figure out the most effective and efficient way to upgrade your home’s overall energy efficiency and comfort.

In addition to saving you money on your monthly energy bills, upgrading your home with energy efficient appliances can earn you tax rebates to further increase your savings! So don’t hesitate!

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