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Insulating for Future Generations - Image 1The state of Connecticut is known for our beautiful, historic homes defining the esthetics and standards of our welcoming communities. Throughout the years the American dream has changed for several prospective homeowners- instead of building their own home, many have been deciding to purchase historic homes. The culture of fixing up older homes has become widespread!

While fixing up an older home can be fulfilling and exciting, it comes with its drawbacks and major challenges. One of these is dealing with the outdated construction techniques that have led to your new (old) home not being up to code, and generally uncomfortable to live in. Usually when your home falls short in energy efficiency, its due to several reasons. Builders years ago were lightyears behind in home-energy technology compared to where we are now and there was a lack of sensitivity for home energy in relation to our planet’s health. Another important reason that has been perpetuated by home builders and contractors, even to this day, is that people are mistakenly thinking uncomfortable rooms are a given and us homeowners and families just need to cope with them.

In the past few decades, there has been an increased urgency in our homes’ energy efficiency. Not only are we much more aware of our impact on the environment, but fuel and electricity prices are increasing dramatically, which adds to the general discomfort in living in an energy inefficient, older home. The International Energy Conservation Code proposed in Connecticut is constantly being amended and raises insulation requirements for single family homes in order to achieve higher energy independency levels. It is both important to exceed these requirements for the legality, and for your own comfort and savings!

When deciding how you will upgrade your home’s energy efficient, remember to insulate and air seal with the future in mind. Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut is here to help you insulate your home with solutions that can stand the test of time and have future generations thanking you for your investment! We are the leaders in Connecticut for upgrading homes with home energy solutions that work. We are the contractors that have finally got it right and will reverse short comings your home has in home energy efficiency. The stats are completely in our favor- we have been able to give our clients an average of 35% turn in investment on their heating and cooling bills, and a dramatic reduction in their carbon footprint. This is because we insulate to exceed R-value code requirements and to make your family comfortable for years and years to come.

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