Helpful Tip: Spotting Energy Inefficiencies Yourself

Dr. Energy Saver recommends an energy check-up for every house because like any good doctor, we know that it's malpractice to prescribe treatment before completing a thorough diagnosis of your home. But first, let’s talk about your home and your comfort and how to diagnose your uncomfortable home’s most easily spotted symptoms yourself.

Helpful Tip: Diagnosing Energy Inefficiencies Yourself - Image 1Here’s what to look out for:

  • High electric bills
  • Mold in attic of basement areas
  • Heightened allergies and asthma problems
  • Inconsistent room temperatures
  • High oil or gas bills

These are common symptoms of an energy inefficient home that you can diagnose yourself, and who better to call about a sick home than the specialists at Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut?


Our energy audit rates 10 Energy Vital Signs™ and provides you with a prioritized list of recommended improvements --your master plan for saving energy and curing your uncomfortable home. When Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut completes your Home Energy Checkup, you'll see exactly how your energy dollars are being spent, the sneaky culprits of your discomfort, and a diagnosis for where your money would be best spent. Any small symptom, like inconsistent room temperatures or even a slight draft can be a sign for a big energy use concern and big money out of your pockets. There is no such thing as a perfectly energy efficient household, so leave it up to our specialists to help you save money!

Helpful Tip: Diagnosing Energy Inefficiencies Yourself - Image 2Our team of home energy specialists have a primary focus on you, the homeowner, and your comfort! Our goal is not necessarily to satisfy some arbitrary government program minimum criteria. We go beyond that, looking to deal with what you need and what affects you directly…and we want to save you money!

By having Dr. Energy Saver evaluate your home, you can count on a thorough inspection process that will reveal the right solutions for your comfort and energy needs. Our Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut team can help increase your home comfort, save you money, increase your home’s resale value, and promote green living!


Looking to make your home more energy efficient? Contact the experts by clicking the link below or give us a call at 1-855-201-5406!


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