Product Spotlight: ProWool Insulation

When it comes to insulating your walls and attic, Dr. Energy Saver of CT has many options to offer, but ProWool Premium Insulation stands out as one of our most effective and dynamic insulation products. At first glance ProWool may seem similar to other blown-in insulation materials, but it is fundamentally unique. Though it is hard to tell, ProWool is made from rock, which gives it many valuable qualities that other materials simply cannot provide.

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For instance, ProWool possesses tremendous sound reduction qualities that help to minimize disturbances from noisy neighbors and nearby traffic or aircraft noise. According to the annual REALTOR Home Features Survey, homebuyers across the nation specified that unwanted noise in their residences is of significant importance. ProWool allows homeowners to take control of their living environment and provides effective thermal insulation with the added benefit of noise reduction to produce a quiet, comfortable, and energy efficient home. 

ProWool is also extremely durable and convenient for homeowners through the installation process and in the years that follow. Practically all other insulation materials produce considerable dust when they are blown into the attic or dense packed into a home’s walls. ProWool however, produces virtually none. This eliminates health issues commonly associated with fiberglass and makes ProWool the best insulation option for homeowners and families who suffer from asthma or allergies.

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In addition, ProWool rockwool insulation is 100% inorganic, yet contains no added chemicals because it is naturally pet resistant and fireproof. It will never support mildew or mold growth and prevents odors caused by such issues.

Once you choose to invest in ProWool, you will never have to add to your insulation or replace it again. It does not lose its effectiveness over time and will not sag, settle, or be damaged by moisture. ProWool is an investment that lasts and is sure to make your home or commercial building more quiet, comfortable, and efficient, so call Dr. Energy Saver of CT today for no obligation free estimate. 1-855-201-5406

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