Product Spotlight: Cellulose Insulation

Did you know that most attics are not properly insulated? In fact, the US Department of Energy recommends that northern homeowners insulate their attic to R-49 or more, but the typical attic has less than R-20 attic insulation.

Cellulose insulation is a blown-in insulation material that can help this problem. Dr. Energy Saver of CT recommends cellulose insulation rather than fiberglass insulation because it is a more effective insulator and won’t be damaged by pests. Plus it is made primarily from recycled newspapers, which makes it an environmentally friendly insulation option.

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Cellulose is also a great option when you already have fiberglass insulation, but feel you need more insulation to make your home comfortable year-round. Instead of removing the fiberglass insulation and starting from scratch, we can blow in cellulose to create a layer of insulation on top of the existing fiberglass.

Cellulose can also be dense-packed into the wall cavities of most homes. By drilling small holes in the side of your home, we can run a hose 6 or more feet into the wall cavity and use high air pressure to blow cellulose inside. We continue to fill the cavity until it is filled with a stiff barrier of cellulose that acts as a more effective air and vapor barrier than fiberglass.

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Cellulose insulation will help your home retain conditioned air all year, making it more comfortable and energy efficient in any weather. If your home is in need of an insulation improvement, call the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT today for a no cost, no obligation estimate.

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