Product Spotlight: SilverGlo Insulation

The experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT believe it is important for homeowners to have options when improving the energy efficiency of their homes. In our efforts to provide a variety of insulation solutions, we have created our own patented rigid foam insulation, called SilverGlo. Effective and affordable, SilverGlo sets a new standard for rigid foam products and is sure to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of any home.

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Even at first glance, it is easy to see that SilverGlo is different from other rigid foam brands. We inject the polystyrene foam with graphite powder, which improves its insulating power. SilverGlo also comes with a reflective coating that makes it an effective radiant barrier. With these features, a foam board 2 inches thick provides an R-value from R-9 to R-11. Need more insulating power? We also offer SilverGlo in thicker cuts to accommodate your needs. When our specialists install SilverGlo they tape over the seams between each board, providing an air barrier that helps to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient.

SilverGlo’s effectiveness sets it apart from the competition, and its convenience makes it a favorite among Dr. Energy Saver of CT customers. We will install it in the attic, basement, or crawlspace, and can easily cut the boards to fit around most obstacles. SilverGlo sheds water and will not support mold growth or provide a home for pests. Since it never loses R-value you will not have to replace your insulation, and your energy savings will not decrease over time.

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If you want a more comfortable, energy efficient home, Dr. Energy Saver of CT has the skills and resources to find you a solution. SilverGlo is an investment that you will value for years to come, so call 1-855-201-5406 for a no cost, no obligation estimate today.

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