We Get Silly for Sue Part Three!

Our Silly for Sue fundraiser continues at the Production meeting! With the past success we had, it only made sense that we attend every department meeting. So, on June 28, 2018, we set up the tarp, got out the remaining cans of silly string and prepped our targets. Since the fundraiser was being held at the Production meeting, we invited the Production managers to be our targets, which they willingly obliged. The silly string cans were selling like hot cakes and the production team was ready to go. Jason Wood, Paul Zambrano and Al Guglielmoni were ready and in 3…2…1 silly string was flying everywhere! The managers were covered with all different color silly string and we raised more money to give to our fellow co-worker, Sue, to help with her impending medical costs. 


Production Managers Silly Stringed

We are so thankful for everyone’s support and generosity for a fellow coworker!  Our amazing workforce is what made Silly for Sue an unbelievable success!  

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