We Get Silly for Sue Part Two

With the great success that we had at our first Silly for Sue fundraiser, we decided to continue the fundraiser at the next Service Meeting. This would have to be a special fundraiser because this is Sue’s department. The amount of kind words, prayers and generosity from the Service Department has been overwhelming. So how do we raise the bar for this fundraiser? We invite the attendees of SOE.

What is SOE? The School of Entrepreneurship is a leadership and personal development program for contractors to help improve their business and themselves. Hundreds of people gather for thee classes and we invited them all to participate in Silly for Sue after the Service Meeting. 

On June 22, 2018, the Marketing Department set up the tarp, silly string and tables outside in preparation of Service Manager Brian Hammac and General Manager Ross Mannuzza as our silly string targets. The attendees of SOE, the entire Service Department and fellow office employees created a great turn out! The same procedure followed as the previous fundraiser, $5 a can and all proceeds went directly to Sue and her family. 

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and you can hear all the silly string cans shaking in anticipation to spray our targets! We even spotted our owner of Connecticut Basement Systems, Larry Janesky get in on the fundraiser! Right before we were ready to go, General Manager Ross Mannuzza asked if anyone from SOE would like to get sprayed. In great spirits, Kevin Koval from Adirondack Basement Systems volunteered. With our targets ready, the countdown started 3…2…1 and the only thing you can see was colorful silly string sprayed in every direction. With many happy faces, we successfully completed another Silly for Sue! 

We Get Silly for Sue Part Two - Image 1

When it was all said and done, we cleaned up the mess with the help of Warehouse workers and everyone went back to their normal Friday.  With one more meeting to go, we are all so excited and grateful for everyone’s donations! 

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