Got Mold?

Mold growth is a problem for many homeowners. Not only is mold a nuisance, but it can cause major health problems for everyone that lives in the home. Ever wonder what could be done to solve a mold problem in your attic? This blog will feature Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut’s product the Mold-X2!  

Before we get in more depth into the product, it is important to know what are the causes of mold growth in an attic… 

1.     Humidity 

2.     A Poorly Ventilated Attic

3.     An Under Insulated Attic

If you are aware that these causes are existent in your attic, give Dr. Energy Saver of CT a call to find out the solutions we have to offer.  

Mold-X2 System

The Mold-X2 System is a 2-part system that treats the affected area of an attic to get rid of the mold and also prevents future occurrences. Mold-X2 Stain Remover and Mold-X2 Botanical is the 2-part process and is a solution when there is mold currently in the attic.

Mold-X2 Stain Remover: The Stain Remover is the first part of the system. It is used to clean the contaminated surface. The surface is usually exposed wood or drywall in the attic. The goal of this part is to eliminate dark stains and discoloration from mold growth, which will leave your attic walls looking fresh and clean! 

Mold-X2 Botanical: The Botanical is the second part of the system. It is an anti-microbial that is applied to prevent future mold growth. The goal of this part is to make the surface resistant to mold growth. This product does not pose any health risks to humans or pets and even leaves behind a pleasant aroma! 


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Once this product is applied, it will leave your attic cleaner and healthier for everyone. If you are interested in the Mold-X2 or any other products we have to offer, give us a call for your FREE estimate at 1-855-201-5406

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