Insulation Removal In All of CT

Insulation Removal In All of CT - Image 1Connecticut homeowners need insulation in their attics, walls, and floors.  Insulation never wears out, but it can get polluted by pests - namely squirrels, mice, rats, bats, raccoons and their relatives.  When varmints get into your attic, they build nests, urinate and defecate in the insulation.  Of course this causes a terrible odor and unhealthy environment to say the least.

Many homeowners want and need this insulation removed from their attics.  

Dr. Energy Saver removes insulation from homes all over New Haven, Hartford, Fairfield and Litchfield Counties. More often than not, we find attics that have their insulation spoiled by small animals.

Removing Blown in Insulation in CT

Removing blown in insulation is quite a job especially without the right equipment. You have to get all the insulation through your home and outside without polluting your living space. Dr. Energy Saver uses a special vacuum with giant vacuum bags outside to catch all the insulation.  The large diameter hose is long enough to disallow the insulation or the vacuum to affect your home. If you have batt insulation, the batts are bagged in the attic and removed, and the vacuum completes the job.

Insulation Removal In All of CT - Image 2The end result-- a very clean attic that's almost ready for clean fresh insulation.  

Seal Air Leaks Before Installing New Insulation

First however, make sure to seal all holes, gaps, cracks, chases and fixtures where air can leak from your living space into the attic. Also be sure to close any holes where animals can enter your attic! Once finished, the new insulation can be installed.

Out with the Old in with the New

New insulation upgrades old insulation to perform better and maintain a greater R-value. 

There are also several other important repairs that should go along with the insulation, such as installing an airtight attic door or hatch cover, installing airtight boxes over leaky can light fixtures, and sealing and insulating ducts that are located in the attic.

Call Dr. Energy Saver for insulation removal in Greenwich and Groton, and from Manchester to Lakeville - or anywhere in between!  COntact us today for more insulation needs. We offer garage, crawl space, basement, and wall cavity insulation in Stamford, and all over Connecticut including Wallingford, New Milford, Rocky Hill, Bethlehem, Watertown, Southbury, Simsbury, Plainville, Darien, Ridgefield and Norwalk. Call us at: 1-800-328-1081.

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