Foolproof Insulation Tips For Rooms Over Garages

Foolproof Insulation Tips For Rooms Over Garages - Image 1

It happens to you every year. It’s Monday morning in the middle of summer and you’re watching the week's forecast. It looks like temperatures are going to be reaching 90+ degrees. So naturally, you crank the AC. A couple of weeks later the utility bills start rolling in. It’s just a customary thing for you to suffer through this time of the year right? Wrong. If you’re like most homeowners you have a room above the garage and if you’re of those people whose garage isn’t properly insulated, you are in for another sultry, money wasting season.

There are three main hacks to help prevent a wasteful, un-insulated garage

First you can,

  • Insulate the garage ceiling- Without proper ceiling insulation the room that occupies the space above will be frigid in the winter and uncomfortably hot in the summer. Causing you wasted energy and money all year round.

Secondly you can,

  • Insulate the garage walls-This is not only vital for ensuring energy efficiency, it is also a safety precaution.  Having suitable insulation protects the room and people in that room from carbon monoxide from car exhaust living in the garage. One of our Certified Energy Specialists can check the finished wall for insulation using an infrared camera or other expert techniques.

Last but not least you can,

  • Install a new garage door- It goes without say that the door that shields the inside of your home from your garage should be treated as if it were an exterior door. In other words, it should be fully insulated with complete climate control. For the sake of safety and building codes this door needs to be fire rated as well.

If you are experiencing these setbacks in your home, give Dr. Energy Saver a call today to schedule a free no-obligation energy inspection by one of our Certified Home Energy Specialists.

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