Getting Smart With: Knee Wall Spaces

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If you were to look up pictures of “Knee Wall Spaces” on the internet, or Pinterest in particular you will find an array of incredibly designed spaces. They are cozy, unique and make for an eye popping room. But with the good, you have to take the bad as well. Knee wall spaces do next to nothing to help without proper insulation. This is because of mainly one reason: The floor and knee wall itself are opened to the knee wall space side with exposed fiberglass batts. Fiberglass does absolutely nothing to keep the air sealed, resulting in a cold knee wall during the winter and a beaming hot roof in the summer. The domino effect of all this is an unsuitable storage room, living space, and a higher utility bill.

“SilverGlo Solutions”

Allow me to introduce you to the last piece of foam insulation you will ever need: Dr. Energy Savers Silver Glo Foam Insulation. It’s innovative, it’s eye pleasing, it’s super effective, it’s Silver Glo. Let me explain to you just how this works; It is composed of polystyrene that is easily expanded with graphite infused right into the foam. This not only guarantees a sleeker looking attic, but increases your R-value by 24% compared to regular EPS foam insulation. But wait, there’s more! SilverGlo also has a radiant barrier on both sides to reflect roof heat out during those sweltering summer days and works to bring heat back in during those frigid winter days. The results of all of this? Drastically warmer rooms in the winter, notably cooler rooms upstairs in the summer, decreases air currents, and most importantly lowers fuel and electric bills. Now you can enjoy your cozy space that is also energy efficient plus you won’t have to feel guilty about heating or cooling it!

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