Meet the Team

Chuck Stofko

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut

Title: Sales Consultant

Chuck Stofko from Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut

Chuck has over 30 years of experience in the home improvement and design industry. Prior to joining Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut, he started his career as a laborer installing roofs, siding and windows. He also worked in the remodeling industry, working specifically as a kitchen and bathroom design specialist. When someone puts their trust in his hands to improve what is typically their most valuable investment, Chuck takes that commitment to deliver on that promise very seriously.

With this professional experience, Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut saw what an asset Chuck would be to the company and brought him on board. He brings a focused, intelligent approach to each job he is involved with and is a true professional. 

Chuck enjoys meeting with homeowners and helping them solve their insulation problems, enabling them to get more out of their homes. Chuck lives in Yorktown Heights, NY and in his spare time enjoys golf, cooking and spending time with his 3 daughters. 

Before and after photos from jobs I've worked on:
  • Spray Foam Insulation in New Canaan, CT Attic
    Spray Foam Insulation in New Canaan, CT Attic

    Spray Foam Insulation in New Canaan, CT Attic

    This New Canaan homeowner has been worrying for years whether or not his home is energy efficient in its current condition and if there was anything to be done if it was not. He was experiencing drafty rooms in the winter and humid rooms in the summer in addition to his heating and cooling systems kicking on quite often in order to keep his living spaces comfortable. He decided to call Dr Energy Saver of Connecticut after seeing a flyer in his mail and voiced his concerns. We reassured him there was several easy solutions to his concerns and he made a great decision calling us!

    We sent out one of our very experienced Home Energy Specialists, Chuck Stofko. Chuck performed a free at home evaluation and estimate and discovered several concerns relevant to the homeowners worries in the home. When analyzing the attic’s condition, he communicated simply to the homeowner that his attic was way under-insulated. The house was built with fiberglass batts insulation installed between the second-floor ceiling joists. This is a big home energy mistake because exposed fiberglass in an attic does not insulate! It lets air from the home pass through and filters it, absorbing moisture and promoting mold growth… gross.

    This diagnoses at first worried the homeowner, but Chuck was confident in our Spray Foam insulation’s ability to air seal the attic from outside temperatures and retain conditioned air. Our company sent one of our trusted Spray Foam foremen Dan Kiley who installed 7 inches of Spray Foam covering the roof joists in the attic entirely. This not only insulates the attic, but it is fireproof, adds an additional level of structural integrity to the roof’s construction, and completely air seals the surface.

    The homeowner was incredibly satisfied with his experience with Dr Energy Saver of Connecticut and has already noticed a big change in comfort levels in his living spaces. He couldnt beleive it took him this long to fix up his attic and is now living in a much more energy efficient home!