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Larry Janesky

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut

Title: Owner
Hometown: Bridgeport
Larry Janesky from Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut

Larry Janesky is an authority on creating and growing businesses for the benefit of business owners, employees and customers. Larry is a highly successful author of five books, acclaimed speaker, inventor with 24 patents, business leader with 27 years of real world accountability and success, and has big plans for the future.

Larry began his business adventure with self-employment at age 17. In the 27 years since, he has discovered what he teaches today - that in order for business owners to grow their business, they must grow personally.

Larry is the founder of Basement Systems Inc. and its sister companies - Connecticut Basement Systems Inc., CleanSpace, Total Basement Finishing Inc., Relia-Serve Corporation, and co-founder of Foundation Supportworks Inc, and Dr. Energy Saver Inc. - in total, an award winning successful-in-every-way enterprise located primarily in Seymour Connecticut, with 345 dealers and franchises in 6 countries.

Larry's goal is to improve the lives of millions of business owners, their employees, their customers, and humanity in general, through business education, development and excellence.

And it all started in 1987 with the founding of Connecticut Basement Systems, Inc. out of Larry's first home in Devon, CT.

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