Case Studies

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut Case Studies: Home in Glastonbury, CT Protected from Future Ice Dams

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 by Sarah Coe


Like many homeowners in Connecticut, this winter has left the owner of this Glastonbury home to deal with damaging ice dams on their roof. The ice blockage was so bad, water leaked underneath the roof shingles and siding and caused damage to the walls and floors inside the home.

When the homeowners noticed the water leaking inside their home as well as water dripping down the walls in their basement, they knew they needed a solution. They were also dealing with uncomfortable rooms, so they contacted us for a no-obligation inspection and free estimate. 


While performing an energy evaluation, our Certified Home Energy Specialists discovered the home was lacking proper insulation in the attic. Foil faced fiberglass insulation was used to create a vapor barrier, but cold air can get through and condensate, producing water, mold, and rot. Warm air from the ducts in the attic was leaking out and heating the attic. Air leaks were allowing the warm air to escape from the home and melt the snow on the roof.

The best solution to solve this home’s energy problems and prevent future ice dams was to install loose-fill Tru-Soft cellulose insulation in the attic. Cellulose insulation is ideal for attics because unlike fiberglass insulation it can plug all the holes and stop drafts; and it’s resistant to mold, insects, and fire, and it offers great R-value.

The Dr. Energy Saver Connecticut crew began by removing the old insulation. They then air sealed the attic, sealed and insulated the ductwork, and insulated the attic using blown-in cellulose insulation, ensuring that the home is now fully equipped to handle the cold weather and the ice damming risks it brings.

The new insulation will not only help prevent future ice damming by keeping heat in the house, but also increase efficiency, reduce energy bills, and make the home more comfortable. The work done will pay for itself in energy savings alone!