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Windows Case Studies: SaniDry Installation in Shelton, CT

Thursday, October 6th, 2016 by Danielle Lariviere


This Shelton, CT home's basement was suffering from moisture and air leakage problems. The basement windows were not properly insulated, and allowed outside air to leak in, while the heated/cooled air that the homeowner paid for leaked out. Another issue facing this basement was moisture. Since it wasn't insulated properly, humidity levels were high, which made a perfect environment for mold growth. Mold is a serious allergen, and can possibly rot any organic material that it comes in contact with. This homeowner gave us a call at Dr. Energy Saver to have our home energy experts come out, and give this home the improvements it needed.


Our expert foreman Rudolf Abel came out and did a great job with the installation process. He installed our SaniDry XP in the basement to help reduce moisture levels to less than 50%, making mold spores have little to no chance of survival. Our SaniDry XP  does a remarkable job at keeping your below-grade space dry. It offers a low maintenance, self draining design. It can dehumidify and filter your air at the same time, all while maintaining its ENERGY STAR rating. For those leaky windows, we installed our replacement windows. They are also ENERGY STAR rated and will help improve this home's energy efficiency. This homeowner will be at ease knowing his windows are now equipped with solid, secure locking action. To top it off, they provide great natural sunlight that will really brighten up this basement.

This Seymour family can now utilize the healthy basement space for whatever they want! Give us a call today at Dr. Energy Saver if you have a basement like this one! Let us help you make your space dry and use-able! All of our home evaluations are free and at no obligation.

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