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Crawl Space Insulation in Stamford, CT

Crawl Space Insulation in Stamford, CT

Before After
Crawl Space Insulation in Stamford, CT Crawl Space Insulation in Stamford, CT

The old-fashioned way to insulate a crawl space was to install fiberglass batts between the overhead joists in the crawl space. This is no longer recommended for several reasons. In a crawl space, fiberglass insulation tends to absorb moisture, which causes it to lose R-value and fall out of place, rendering it totally ineffective while also creating a mess. To repair and insulate this crawlspace, we first removed the old insulation. To keep moisture from entering the space, we installed drainage matting beneath TerraBlock foam insulation on the floors, and the CleanSpace vapor barrier above it. On the walls, we used closed cell spray foam. It's perfect for a crawlspace environment! Closed cell foam cures dense and hard and is heavier than open cell foam, and it forms an effective barrier against both moisture and air. After we repaired and waterproofed the crawl space, the owners never had to worry about crawl space humidity and energy loss again!

Crawlspace Insulation in Stamford, CT

Crawlspace Insulation in Stamford, CT

Before After
Crawlspace Insulation in Stamford, CT Crawlspace Insulation in Stamford, CT

The problem with fiberglass insualtion in crawlspaces is that they are vulnerable to moisture. Instead of keeping the moisture out of the crawlspace, fiberglass batts absorb humidity, and lose insulation value when they do. When we arrived in this Stamford home, we found that the insulation had already grown heavy with absorbed water, and had fallen from the ceiling. After we removed the ineffective fiberglass insulation, we used closed cell spray foam in combination with our CleanSpace vapor barrier to block out moisture entirely. Closed cell foam is dense and waterproof, and provides an airtight seal along with a high R-value per inch. The owners of this home no longer have to worry about energy loss and high energy bills because of a leaky crawlspace!

CleanSpace Vent Cover in Stamford, CT

CleanSpace Vent Cover in Stamford, CT

Before After
CleanSpace Vent Cover in Stamford, CT CleanSpace Vent Cover in Stamford, CT

In old houses, it is common for crawlspaces to have open vented areas. It was believed that the vents would allow fresh air to circulate in the area and clean out the moisture and humididy from the room. However,  the air outside was often more wet and humid than the inside. Moist air that enters a vented crawl space will condense on cooler crawl space surfaces, ruining insulation and encouraging mold, mildew and wood decay to flourish. Crawl space sealing with our CleanSpace crawl space liner is the recommended treatment for a vented crawl space. This process involves the installation of different air and moisture barriers to totally separate and shield the crawl space from outside conditions. Plastic vent covers play an important role in a sealed crawl space by closing off the air movement that would otherwise occur through vent openings.

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Best Places to Work in Connecticut
For the 3rd time, Basement Systems (sister company to Dr. Energy Saver, also owned by Larry Janesky) has won the... [Read more]
Larry Janesky Named Entrepreneur of the Year for 2015
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Trusted Spray Foam and Home Insulation Contractor in Stamford, CT

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Professional Attic and Spray Foam Insulation in Stamford, CT

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut is proud to serve our area because we’re committed to customer service. Our team of professional technicians use quality products from the best manufacturers in the business. We want to work with you to find a solution that will work best for you!

Every year, families lose money on their energy bills because their house leaks out energy. This can cause your home to be too hot or too cold, making for a very uncomfortable living environment. The biggest culprit for energy loss is the attic area because it is often inadequately insulated. This can be resolved with our SuperAttic insulation system and SilverGlo rigid foam insulation which are proven to cut down on energy costs by keeping your home properly insulated. 

There are different benefits for both spray foam and rigid insulation. Spray foam is quicker to install and expands to fill in gaps, though it can be a bit messy. Rigid insulation, like the SilverGlo insulation, is usually better for basements and crawl spaces because it is less messy and has a variety of sizes, but is not as well-suited for attics because it can have an R-value as low as R-3.8 per in. and is more time-consuming to install. 

Reliable Home and Crawl Space Insulation

During the winter months, homeowners sometimes experience discomfort because heat is escaping out of their house to try and warm the cold outside. This is due to poor insulation and air-sealing. Often, poor air-sealing is apparent most in crawl spaces because of their location in the home. The same thing happens in the summer where the cool, conditioned air you pay for leaks out and creates a warm, uncomfortable environment. At Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut our wide range of insulation and air sealing services help keep air in, energy costs down, and improve the comfort of your home.

Signs of crawl space insulation problems

  • The floor above the crawl space is unpleasantly cold in the wintertime
  • During cold weather, the furnace must work hard to keep rooms directly above the crawl space comfortable
  • Evidence of mice or other pests in fiberglass insulation between joists
  • Fiberglass batt insulation has fallen out of place from between floor joists
  • Moldy odor or mold is visible on framing
  • The crawl space is damp all the time

As air leaks through your attic, passing through dozens of cracks and exposed openings in walls, floors, and ceilings, new, bad air seeps in through the basement and crawl spaces and is then lost to the outside again. This is called the "stack effect" and it causes your home to heat more air than it needs to while simultaneously losing the air it does heat at all. By air sealing your home, you ensure that all the good air stays in, saving you significant money. 

Dependable Ice Damming and Window and Door Insulation

One of the major problems for houses in the winter time is ice damming. This is when snow melts off your roof and then freezes in the gutters and then, over time, the melted snow gets dammed up by the ice that has formed. This water then leaks through the roof into your house, making for a very inefficient heating and cooling system. The way to prevent ice damming is to insulate and seal your attic as well as air ducts so that heat doesn't leak out of your attic through the roof in the first place. 

When your windows and doors aren't properly insulated, then all sorts of air can leak out through cracks, costing you needless amounts of money on energy bills. The windows and doors in your home are the only barrier to the outside, so why pay more in energy bills for them to not do their job? By carefully measuring your doors and windows, our expert technicians can install replacement windows and doors that are proven to seal in air and be an effective fit in your home. 

Dr. Energy Saver Of Connecticut employs only the best certified technicians because precision is key when it comes to insulating or air sealing your home. Let our team of friendly, knowledgeable staff help you find a solution that will work best for your home and help cut energy costs. Call us today for a free estimate!


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Work Requests From Stamford, CT
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Have a new home over 4000 sqft need estimate for insulation and also looking to finance it. Thank you
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Need attic insulation
Jeanne Court in Stamford
Home is recently purchased and want to ensure heating and cooling costs are minimal. Most/all windows need replacement.
Red Fox Rd in Stamford
Unfinished basement insulation quote and Home energy efficiency assessment
Barmore Drive East in Stamford
Waverly Pl., in Stamford
Attic, basement ceiling, plaster walls
Newfield Avenue in Stamford
We would like insulation blown into the walls. The house does not have a vapor barrier.
Brinckerhoff Avenue in Stamford
Keen to get an estimate to improve the energy efficiency for my house - insulation improvements definitely needed
Long Ridge Rd in Stamford
Crawl space installation
Rutz St in Stamford
High electricity bills
Oak Street in Stamford
High gas bill
Mathews Street in Stamford
Drafty windows and doors and inconsistent room temperatures
Bartina Lane in Stamford
I need to arrange a quote for attic insulation, preferably this Friday afternoon if possible. pls email instead of call
Trailing Rock Lane in Stamford
Estimate needed for attic insulation
Ivy Street in Stamford
Home insulation evaluation Entry door insulation
Country Club Rd in Stamford
We're looking to insulate in the attic
Locust Ln in Stamford
Insulate crawl space & attic
Dunn Ave in Stamford
Insulate basement walls for moisture & heat reasons, want to be able to use in year round as workspace not full living space.
Strawberry Patch Lane in Stamford
Interested in blown-in insulation for enclosed garage ceiling, 22' x 22' Basement level, under living room House built in 1983
Cow Path Drive in Stamford
New home built and purchased in may 2016. Builder did not use sprayfoam insulation and energybills (especially propane heat) are very high. Interested in having an analysis performed on cost for whole house spray foam in walls and attic/basement
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