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Spray Foam Insulation Case Studies: Spray Foam and BrightWall in Norwalk, CT

Monday, January 15th, 2018 by Sara Figueroa


This Norwalk attic was under insulated which made the home uncomfortable with cold floors for the homeowner. She would also constantly feel drafts and the room temperatures were always uneven. Frustrated with being uncomfortable in her own home, she decided that a solution was necessary and called the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT.




On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Steve Godbout arrived at the home to inspect the problem area…the basement. When a basement is not properly insulated, unwanted airflow and moisture can leak through and out of the area. This is a common problem that Steve has seen on many homes. Dr. Energy Saver of CT has many solutions involving insulation and Steve went over these options with the homeowner. After exploring all the options, she decided to have the attic air sealed and have the rim joists and walls insulated with closed cell spray foam. 

Some advantages of spray foam include:

  • Superior R-value. SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) is rated at R-6.2 per in. or more --higher R-value than any other type of home insulation.
  • Complete coverage. SPF expands after application, effectively filling voids and odd-shaped spaces. With spray foam, you always get total coverage.
  • Effective air barrier. SPF isn't just a high-performance thermal barrier; it also stops air leakage, making it doubly effective at saving energy.
  • Waterproof and stable. SPF won't absorb moisture and lose R-value like fiberglass can. It won't compress, settle or fall out of place, either. 

On the day of production, Foreman Rudy Abel and his team arrived at the home to install the spray foam. The first step in this process was to take down the original insulation that was there. (the little that there was) Once the attic was clear, the next step was to air seal the entire attic. It is critical that the attic is air sealed first before the insulation is installed to ensure that the holes and crevices are closed to prevent air and moisture from flowing through. Next, the spray foam was installed to the areas that originally had traditional fiber glass insulation and also to the rim joists of the wall which would warm up the floors. Lastly, BrightWall panel were placed on the remainder of the basement walls which would prevent air and moisture from leaking through. With all of these products combined, the basement was insulated properly and the homeowner noticed a difference in the living areas of her home immediately. Not only were the floors warmer and rooms evenly temperature, but there was a lower electric bill! The homeowner was thrilled that she called the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT. 

Project Summary

Sales Representative: Steve Godbout

Foreman: Rudy Abel

Product: Spray Foam

Product: BrightWall Panels

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