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Spray Foam Insulation Case Studies: Spray Foam Insulation in Fairfield, CT

Wednesday, December 27th, 2017 by Sara Figueroa


This Fairfield home was uncomfortable for the homeowner. He would frequently experience drafts and uneven temperatures throughout the home. This was very frustrating for the homeowner because he was paying a high electric bill every month for his home only to be not comfortable. Wanting a solution, he decided to call the experts at Dr. Energy Saver of CT for a free, no-obligation estimate.


On the day of the appointment, Sales Representative Keith Saunders arrived at the home to inspect the situation. He first noticed how under insulated the attic was. This was very problematic. When an attic lacks the proper attic insulation and air sealing, the effects on the home’s comfort and energy efficiency are significant. Keith explained that an attic that does not meet insulation standards will lead to heating and cooling costs, uncomfortable rooms and uneven temperatures throughout the home. This is exactly what the homeowner was experiencing and wanted a solution. Keith recommended having Spray Foam insulation installed into the attic. The advantages of this product include: superior R-value, complete coverage, an effective air barrier and is waterproof! It is rated R-6.2 per inch or more which is higher than any other type of home insulation. It also stops air leakage making it doubly effective at saving energy! This product expands after application, effectively filing voids and odd-shaped spaces. And lastly, it will not absorb moisture and lose R-value like fiberglass can. This is exactly what the homeowner wanted and decided to move forward with the project. 

On the day of production, Foremen Dan Kiley and David Hicks arrived at the home and installed the Spray Foam professionally and efficiently. The attic was completely transformed and the homeowner was greatly impressed! Instantly, the homeowner could notice a difference in the efficiency of his home with rooms that had even temperatures and the drafts were basically eliminated! He was also pleased with a lower electric bill every month! The homeowner was completely happy and Dr. Energy Saver of CT was happy to have another satisfied customer! 

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Project Summary

Sales Representative: Keith Saunders

Foreman: Dan Kiley

Foreman: David Hicks