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Crawl Space Insulation Case Studies: Crawl Space Encapsulation in Wilton, CT

Monday, July 22nd, 2019 by Sara Figueroa


These Wilton, CT homeowners were concerned for the efficiency in their home. They assumed the bulk of their issues came from their crawl space because the floors above were always cold in the winter and their home was always humid in the summertime. They called Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut to look at their home and we sent out one of our most trusted Home Energy Experts.

We diagnosed the home with an under insulated crawl space with fiberglass batts insulation absorbing a ton of moisture and growing moldy. We also found mouse droppings and even a few deceased mice in the space. It was clear this home’s crawl space was incredibly unhealthy and they needed a solution fast.


We sent out our crew led by Rudy Abel, one of our most experienced energy foremen. They first cleaned up the debris in the crawl space, which included removing all the failing fiberglass insulation. They first installed a layer of drainage matting along the concrete floor. This is installed because if any water happens to enter the crawl space during heavy rains, the water won’t puddle and cause odors or water damage. Next they installed a layer of TerraBlock insulation. This rigid foam insulation is specifically used in basements or crawl spaces because it has a layer of moisture and vapor barrier.

Rudy and his crew installed sheets of our SilverGlo Rigid Foam Insulation to completely cover all the walls in the space. This rigid foam has a superior R-value per inch compared to fiberglass batts insulation and it will never absorb moisture or compress over time. It also has a radiant barrier, which is where the shininess of the material comes from. This works to contain the heated air in the house during the winter and keep humidity out during the summer. They laid down a continuous layer of CleanSpace vapor barrier in order to add another defense against water and moisture in the home. Finally, they finished the job up by using Spray Foam insulation at the rim joist to give the connection point between the home’s timber construction and foundation and completely airtight seal.

These homeowners were ecstatic with their newly insulated and encapsulated crawl space. They are confident their home will perform more efficiently in the winter and summer and are now more comfortable in their healthy home!

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Foreman: Rudy Abel

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