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Attic Insulation Case Studies: Insulating Southbury, CT Home Before Listing it

Monday, July 29th, 2019 by Sara Figueroa


This Southbury, CT homeowner was putting his home up on the market and decided it would be in his best interest to invest in some insulation and energy upgrades. He knew his home was not very airtight and that his large attic did not have enough insulation. He spent a fortune every year on heating and cooling costs and was not sure what the best solution would be. He wanted to fix the most important issues before selling so the home could be worth more. Hoping to find the solution, he called Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut.

One of our best Home Energy Experts, Keith Saunders, went to the home that same week to check out the house. He also agreed that the home’s attic needed air sealing and extra insulation. He also noted that the ducts in the attic were leaking and being warmed by the hot attic atmosphere. This is a common issue with houses whose ducts are in the attic. They are leaky and completely under insulated. Also, he found the rim joist in the basement was not insulated and the windows were energy inefficient.


The homeowner and Keith decided it would be best to do an entire installation of air sealing and insulating products in the attic, spray foam at the rim joist, and window upgrades in the basement. The work would be done before the house were to be put up on the market. We sent out the crew led by Jony Fernandez, an incredibly experienced and talented Forman.

They first went into the attic and removed the existing failing fiberglass batts insulation. The insulation was dirty and compressed from the amount of time it had been left in the attic. They then used a sprayable expanding foam sealant around the top plates and any crevices allowing air from the house into the attic. They also installed TiteShell covers to all the can lights and air sealed around them to keep them in place.

Next, they built an insulated catwalk out of 4” SilverGlo rigid foam insulation and particle board. This allows for easy access to the systems in the attic without creating gaps in the layer of insulation. They then used spray foam to completely encapsulate the air ducts in the attic. This protects the cool air conditioning from being warmed when it runs through the hot space and vice versa in the winter. They installed blown in cellulose insulation on top of the air sealing and spray foam to accomplish an R-value of R40.0. Now this attic is entirely insulated and will keep the home much more comfortable.

It was now time for them to do work in the basement. They first replaced the two inefficient windows that were leaking hot and humid air into the basement. They used the EverLast window inserts which dramatically increased the space’s energy efficiency. Finally, they installed spray foam insulation at the rim joist. These two services combined keep the house much more insulated during the winter and summer and lead to a more comfortable home.

The homeowner was so satisfied with the work and was finally confident in putting the home up on the market. He was sure the next homeowners will be glad to spend more money on a properly insulated and energy efficient home.


Project Summary

Salesman: Keith Saunders

Foreman: Jony Fernandez