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Attic Insulation Case Studies: Insulated Attic and Floor Joists in Norwalk, CT Home

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 by Sara Figueroa


Beth B. had experienced a few summers in her home after moving into it before she decided she had had enough of the humidity and high cooling expenses in her home. The room she was most worried about was the eating area in the back of her home with multiple large windows and floors above the crawlspace. She called Dr. Energy Saver of Connecticut after seeing one of our advertisements in a mailing sent to her home. We sent out one of our Home Energy Experts to see what we could do to fix their uncomfortable home.

Chris visited the home that same week she had called and got right to work analyzing the home’s insulation and any energy compromises throughout. He noted that the eating area was located right above an improperly insulated crawl space underneath the home that was allowing humid air to enter the home, making it more difficult to keep it cool in the hottest summer days and warm in the coolest winter days. When checking the rest of the home, he noticed the door going into the upper attic storage area was incredibly leaky did not want to close properly. This door brought him into an attic that was improperly insulated with fiberglass batts insulation that had accumulated a lot of dirt and dust, as well as animal droppings. There were several areas that were large gaps allowing warm attic air into the home and a leaky whole house fan that was no longer in use.


Clearly this home needed a lot of work in order to make it more comfortable, but the homeowners were eager to have Dr. Energy Saver do it all! They signed their contract that day and less than a month later we sent out a crew to complete the work.

The trusted crew we sent out was led by Rudy Abel, a foreman with tons of experience and knowledge in all our services. They began by removing all the original insulation in the attic and removing debris including the dirt and animal droppings. They then used a spray-able foam sealant in order to air seal any holes around electrical wires, along the air ducts, and gaps in the timber construction. They installed our TiteShell insulated recessed can light covers over all the fixtures in the attic in order to keep warm air from the attic entering the house. They sealed them with spray-able foam sealant around the edges.

Next, they installed a layer of 4-inch SilverGlo along the attic deck and constructed a catwalk and retention dam so the homeowners could continue using the space for storage without compromising the amount of insulation installed. They installed a David Lewis Whole House Fan cover box made of the SilverGlo rigid foam insulation in order to offer some insulation to the open fan. This box can be easily removed by the homeowners if they wish to use the fan some other time.

They completely encapsulated the air ducts with expanding Spray Foam insulation. This provides ample insulation for the ducts and makes sure they do not become heated up in the attic or lose air while cooling the home. The crew then installed our TruSoft blown in cellulose insulation to give the home enough insulation in order to stay cool in the winter and warm in the summer. The attic insulation was finally done when they installed a David Lewis scuttle hatch cover to provide insulation and air seal of the hatch. Then a new, more energy efficient storage room door was installed which completed the project in the attic.

Now the only thing left to fix this uncomfortable home was to use Spray Foam insulation in the crawl space beneath their eating area. This was installed under the floor between the floor joists. The expanding foam fills gaps and crevices as it cures, which instantly makes the floor above protected from thermal bridging.

The homeowners were so excited for all the improvements! They noticed a difference right away in the lack of humidity in their eating area and a higher level of comfort throughout the rest of their home they had no idea could be possible.

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Foreman: Rudy Abel

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