Case Studies

Attic Insulation Case Studies: Attic Transformation in New Canaan, CT

Friday, October 6th, 2017 by Sara Figueroa


This New Canaan, CT attic was under-insulated and was causing the home to be uncomfortable. The home had uneven temperatures and the homeowner was frustrated with a high energy bill every month. Wanting a solution, the homeowner decided to call Dr. Energy Saver of CT for a free estimate! 


Our Sales Representative, Keith Saunders arrived at the home to give a free home evaluation. He inspected the entire attic and located key problematic areas. Keith concluded that with such little insulation in the attic, there was nothing sealing up the cracks and holes that let in air leakage. This problem is what caused this home to be uncomfortable. Keith went over all of the different products that would work well together in order to fully insulate the attic which will make the home more comfortable. The homeowner was excited for these products and scheduled a day for production. 

On production day, Rudy Abel and his team arrived at the home prepared to install the products. They installed everything professionally and efficiently. First, the team removed any existing installation that was there to have a fresh start. Next, they completely air sealed the attic to ensure that there were no holes or cracks that would allow airflow or moisture. Once it was completely sealed, dense packing of insulation was performed in the attic. They peeled off a layer of shingles and packed in insulation. This will keep all the warm or cool air that you pay for in your home. The next step was to install SilverGlo wall panels to the interior wall which will keep the entire attic properly insulated. Lastly, Spray Foam was applied to the ceiling of the attic.  

With all of these products installed, the attic was completely transformed to a dry, insulated comfortable area. With this changed attic, the homeowner noticed a difference immediately in the comfort of her home and through her electric bill. She was so happy with the results! 

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