Skylights Done Right with Low-E Glass and Weather Stripping

Monday, March 12th, 2012 by Larry Janesky

Skylights Done Right with LowE Glass and Weather Stripping - Image 1Do you feel drafts of cold air coming from your skylight? Have you thought about purchasing shades to "trap" the air from entering or escaping your skylight? We can explain why these things are happening and solve the problems!

Skylights are great accents to any home, but can cause conditioned air to escape and increase the energy used to regulate the airflow. Here's why: their glass is cold and can cause convective loops- the circulation of warm and cold air that requires more energy to replace the lost conditioned air. Unfortunately, a skylight also lets tons of heat in like a greenhouse if they don't have Low-E glass. And if they have a stud and drywall tunnel to bridge a roof and a flat ceiling, that tunnel is not insulated well and cold or hot from the attic around it causing comfort issues and energy inefficiencies.

Get the Most from Your Skylight

Skylights Done Right with LowE Glass and Weather Stripping - Image 2Dr. Energy Saver has the solution to inefficient skylight installation. We install high performance glass panels along with the proper trim and weather stripping to hold the glass in place.

We are sure to install these high performing panels at the flat ceiling level if there is a tunnel, otherwise, we install as close as possible to the bottom of the rafter level.

We carefully choose the right trim and weather stripping to hold the glass and avoid mitering or coping the joints. Simple square or rectangular trims do just fine.

In the pictures shown, we installed the top and bottom trim with the weather stripping first, before setting the glass panel in position. We finished the job with the trim.

Want us to improve the efficiency of your skylight or other windows? Contact us today! We are your trusted resource for energy efficient window replacement in CT. We proudly service Greenwich, Stamford, West HartfordTrumbull, Guilford, Danbury, Milford, Hamden, Stratford, Waterbury, and more!

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